PGA PGM Qualifying Level

What date did Rodman Wanamaker gather prominent golfers and professional golfers at a luncheon in New York?

January 17, 1916

The official founding of the PGA of America

April 10, 1916

The 1st PGA Championship was when, where, how much prize money, name of the trophy?

October 1916, Siwanoy Country Club, NY, $2,580, Wanamaker trophy.

When did the Ryder Cup first begin? Who was it named after?

1927. Samuel Ryder

What year did the Ryder cup expand to everyone in Europe vs. USA instead of just Great Britain vs. USA?


1st PGA Senior Championship? Where? Who started it? Name of Trophy?

1937. Augusta National. Bobby Jones, Alfred Bourne

Who won the 1st Senior PGA Championship

Jock Hutchinson

What was the objective of the PGA founders?

To grow and elevate the game of golf and the standards of the profession. They also embody a sincere desire to make the game accessible to all those who want to play.

How often is the Ryder Cup played?

Every 2 years

Why were the PGA Championship and Ryder Cup cancelled during the 1940's?


How did the PGA support the war effort?

Purchasing two ambulances for the American Red Cross, distributing clubs and balls to military bases, and raising more than $25,000

When was the PGA Championship broadcast live for the first time on TV and radio?


When did the Association move its headquarters to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida?


When was the Tournament players division formed?


When was the Tournament players division renamed to the PGA Tour?


When was the first PGA Club National Championship (PGA Professional National Championship)?


When did The PGA dedicate a new 30,000-square-foot national office in Palm Beach Gardens, with 63 staff members on a 2,300-acre complex at PGA National?


When did the PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance, a 35-acre state-of-the-art practice facility, make its debut at the Port St. Lucie complex?


What are some of the prestigious golf tournaments the PGA of America owns and conducts?

Ryder Cup, PGA Championship, Senior PGA Championship and the Grand Slam of Golf

The PGA Constitution is divided into 2 parts what are they?

1. Constitution and Bylaws, 2. Regulations

The Constitution consists of how many articles? What are they?

I: Name and PurposeII: MembershipIII: OrganizationIV: MeetingsV: PGA Tour

Bylaws & Regulations have how many articles?


The mission of the PGA

To promote enjoyment and involvement in the game of golf and to contribute to its growth by providing services to golf professionals and the golf industry

Who are the 3 officers of the PGA?

President, Vice President and Secretary

How are the 3 officers elected? How long is their term?

By majority vote of the Delegates at the Annual Meeting. 2-year term.

Who is the Board of Directors comprised of?

1. Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary)2. Honorary President (Immediate past president)3. Player Director (Elected by the Player directors on the PGA Tour board)4. District Directors (one representative from each district)5. Two Independent Directors (Elected by the Board of Directors from a list submitted by the president)

Who are the Delegates to the Annual Meeting?

1. Board of Directors2. All Past Presidents3. Two Delegates from each Section4. Two Player Directors (Must be classified as A-3)

What are the responsibilities of the President?

Preside over Association meetings. Chairperson of Board of Directors, and represent the Association among members and the public

What are the responsibilities of the Vice President?

Responsible for financial affairs.

What are the responsibilities of the Secretary?

Responsible for membership matters.

Officers are elected for how long?

One 2-year term

What are the Board of Directors responsible for?

- Manage the Association- Interpret the Constitution and Bylaws - Modify the Regulations

What is the CEO?

The administrator and manager of the association and is selected by the BOD.

How many Districts are in the PGA of America?


How is the District Director elected?

From the section in the district that has been least represented.

How long is the District Director's term?

3 years

What are the responsibilities of the Board of Control (BOC)?

Deals with membership issues.

Who comprises the Board of Control (BOC)?

Secretary (Chairperson) and 4 PGA members selected by the president. One from each of the 4 geographical areas.

Classification of Head Golf Professional?


Classification of Assistant Golf Professional?


Classification of Teaching Professional?


Classification of Director of Golf?


Classification of General Manager?


How can the constitution be changed?

By a 2/3 majority vote of the delegates at the annual meeting

How are the Bylaws changed?

By a 2/3 majority vote of the delegates at the annual meeting

How are regulations changed?

By the Board of Directors

How much do PGA Directors and Officers make?

They are volunteers

What is a PGA Recognized golf course?

A golf facility that has at least 9 holes. Each hole has a minimum yardage of 60 yards and a total 9 hole yardage of not less than 1,000 yards and a total 18 hole yardage of not less than 1,500 yards. The golf facility shall have no less than 14 acres in total course area and be planted entirely of grass (excluding artificial tee mats)

What is a PGA Recognized golf range?

Must have a minimum of 15 tees. Total distance of 150 feet wide and 600 feet long. Must have at least one parking space per tee. A professional shall be available for private or group instruction.

What is an Apprentice?

Someone registered in the PGA PGM Program

What are the 3 governing bodies that have significant roles in enforcing the Code of Ethics?

Section Board of Inquiry, Board of Control, PGA Board of Directors

What does the Section Board of Inquiry do with regards to Code of Ethics violations?

They investigate complaints of ethics violations within their geographic areas and submit a report of findings to the Board of Control.

What does the Board of Control do with regards to Code of Ethics violations?

Initiates the review process and investigates alleged Code of Ethics infractions involving PGA of America national tournaments and other national programs. Also reviews cases, either original complaints or appeals, submitted by the Section Boards of Inquiry

What does the Board of Directors do with regards to Code of Ethics violations?

It hears appeals of Board of Control decisions. The Board of Directors' decisions in such appeals are final.

The first Articles of Golf, or set of Rules, was written when?


The USGA and R&A issued a uniform set of rules in what year?


The Rules were substantially reorganized in what year?


Where was the game of golf established?

Edinburgh's Brunsfield Links (of six holes).

What year was the game of golf established?


When was the USGA created?

December 22, 1894.

Who was the USGA first president?

Theodore Havemeyer

Where is the USGA headquarters?

Far Hills, N.J.

How often are the Rules and Definitions of golf revised?

Every 4 years.

How often are the Appendices of the Rules and Definitions revised?

Every 2 years.

Describe the process of how rules are changed?

1. Questions/submission2. USGA rules committee3. Joint Rules committee4. Quadrennial rules committee5. USGA Executive committee6. Effective Jan. 1, Every Four Years

Why do Rules change?

1. Conditions of play2. Golf equipment3. Commercialization4. The quest for equity

There were no rules governing clubs until?


There were no rules governing golf balls until?


In 1990, the USGA and R&A agreed on ball-size restrictions of what weight max and diameter minimum?

1.62 ounces and 1.68-inches

When did the USGA limit the maximum number of clubs to 14?


When did the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews publish the "Regulations for the Game of Golf" ?


When did the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews agree to become the world governing authority for the rules of golf?


The first Rules in the US were published when?


When did the USGA and R&A unify as governing bodies for rules?