Slaughter house 5

What does Vonnegut share his experience of

The firebombing of Dresden

During world war 2 where was the author

In prison

Who is Vonnegut war time friend

Bernhard V Ohare

What is the name of the taxi driver


What do they talk to the taxi driver about


What does Vonnegut right his story with and where

A crayon on a wallpaper

What does each color crayon represent

A different character

Where did Vonnegut go to college

University of chicago anthropology

What jobs did Vonnegut have

Police reporter. Public relations man

Where does Vonnegut land a contract to write three books

Iowa writers workshop

What happens to billy pilgrim

He has come unstuck in time

What does billy train to be before being drafted


Why is billy treated with shock therapy

Nervous collapse

What does billy survive

A plane crash

Who capture billy


All his life people have done what to billy?

Ditch him