Table Topics

Opening a Sales Conversation

Three main components:- Purpose - Benefit - Check➢ A PBC is used to open a sales conversation and to describe to a customer why they are there, what's in it for them, and to gain their agreement to move forward with the conversation. ➢ Using a PBC is a way to ensure that both you and the customer are on the same page and that the customer clearly sees the benefit in speaking with you at that time.

Capability Statements

➢ A capability statement is often used to move a customer from no interest to low interest. ➢ It is a dynamic statement that builds your credibility with the customer and gives them reason to believe that what you have to offer to them is credible and valuable for them. ➢ It clearly establishes your credibility, or the credibility of the bank or maybe even a One Bank partner. ➢ A capability statement can occur at any time in a sales conversation, or when it's appropriate to advance the conversation.

High-Gain Questions

A High-Gain Question is an open-ended question that you can fit into one of three categories: • Evaluate or Analyze• Speculate • Express Feelings ➢ High-Gain Questions should cause your customer to pause and think about the answer. ➢ The information you are able to obtain from a High-Gain Question is often what you can't get by reviewing financial records or by "looking at their current portfolio". ➢ In a typical conversation, High-Gain questions might be 20-30% of the overall questioning strategy

Handling Objections

➢ This is a five step process that is a proven method to handle a customer objection and allow the sales conversation to continue to advance. ➢ The five steps, in this specific order are: • Encouraging • Questioning• Confirming • Providing • Checking ➢ A key to successfully handling an objection is to not jump too quickly to providing. Bankers should have sufficient data and information before providing some type of solution or option for handling the customer's objection.

Concluding a Sales Conversation

Concluding the sales conversation usually takes minimal time, but it is a highly leveraged activity when done effectively. ➢ It enables you to gain the customer's commitment to future action. ➢ The steps for concluding are to: • Summarize the key points of the conversation and check your understanding with the customer. • Suggest an action step and check for the customer's agreement ➢ Following this process demonstrates the banker has been listening and allows the conversation to end with an action step.

What is Emotional Intelligence? Provide an example of how you might demonstrate Emotional Intelligence during a consultative conversation.

Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence is the ability to: ➢ Understand your emotions ➢ Express emotions ➢ Understand other people's emotions to react appropriately

Name two things we can do to Be Courteous to our customers. Describe why each is critical to the customer's experience.

Answer should include 2 of the following: ➢ Make the Customer Feel Welcome - "Welcome to Fifth Third" ➢ Use the Customer's Name and use it first (Mr. Customer, how...) ➢ Smile and Have Great Energy➢ Say "Please" and "Thank You

Earning the right to advance is a key component of consultative sales. What Customer Experience Core Principle are we living when we earn the right to advance? Name another way we can make this Core Principle come to life.

Answer #1: Focus on the Customer Answer #2: 1 of the following: ➢ Ask questions and confirm understanding ➢ Help customers meet their goals ➢ Provide appropriate advice

Name two things we can do to Own It. Describe why each is critical to the customer's experience.

Answer should include 2 of the following: ➢ Apologize and Empathize ➢ Set Expectations ➢ Follow Up ➢ Limit the Customer's Efforts ➢ Do the Extra Things to Make the Difference

Name two things we can do to Make It Easy. Describe why each is critical to the customer's experience.

Answer should include 2 of the following: ➢ Be Accurate ➢ Be Proactive ➢ Anticipate Needs ➢ Inform the Customer How We Can Help