Geography chapter 1


lines that run east and west


lines that run north and south

the five themes of geography

location, place, region, movement, human-environment interaction

absolute location

exact place where a geographic feature is found

relative location

location of a place compared to places around it



how do cartographers reduce distortions when making maps


two key words found in the definition of geography

human and physical features

an example of human environment interaction

building dams

linear distance

how far something travels

time distance

how long it takes for something to travel

psychological distance

how long it feels like something is traveling


half of the earth

geography definition

the study of earth and how humans interact with it

globe advantages

most accurate representation of earth

globe disadvantages

only one half is visible; not easily portable

map advantages

easily portable; can be drawn to scale

map disadvantages

causes distortion

prime meridian

0 degrees longitude, runs north and south, divides the earth into east and west


0 degrees latitude, runs east and west, divides the earth into north and south


global positioning system; uses 30 Navstar satellites; displays exact position


geostationary operational environmental satellite; orbits in sync with the earth's rotation


geographic information system; creates, manages, analyzes, and maps data


satellites that can scan the entire planet in 16 days; provides land change data

which one is a weather satellite


large scale map

maps that cover smaller areas with greater detail

small scale map

map that shows a larger area without much detail

map legend

explains the meaning of symbols used on a map

compass rose

shows north south east and west


map making


a map on which statistical information is shown in diagrammatic form

what is unusual about a cartogram

land masses are warped based on statstics

who was eratosthenes?

used geometry to calculate the circumference of the earth

first known map location