Certi Final exam summer 2022

The movement of drugs within the body; absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination of the drug from the body is known as ____________.A. pharmacokineticsB. therapeuticsC. pharmacognosyD. pharmacodynamics

A. pharmacokinetics

To be ________, a generic drug must be both pharmaceutically and therapeutically equivalent to the brand-name drug.A. bioequivalentB. biosimilarC. pharmacognosyD. contraindicated

A. bioequivalent

A __________ is specific situations in which a drug should not be used because it will be harmful to the patient.A. indicationB. contraindicationC. pharmacognosyD. narrow therapeutic index

B. contraindication

If a patient has an injury or severe harmful response caused by a single dose or an extended use of a drug they have been known to have a(n) ____________.A. allergic reactionB. indicationC. adverse drug reactionD. pharmacodynamic

C. adverse drug reaction

A patient that has recently been placed on warfarin has been asked how many leafy green vegetables that they consume in a week. This is because the doctor is concerned about a possible ___________ issue.A. drug-diseaseB. drug-dietary supplementC. drug-nutrientD. drug-laboratory

C. drug-nutrient

Digoxin is found on the FDA's ___________for drugs in which a small difference in dose can lead to adverse drug reactions.A. high risk medication listB. narrow therapeutic indexC. controlled listD. do not use list

A. high risk medication list

The FDA has mandated that _______ warnings are listed for drugs that have serious and possible life-threatening risks. This way the patient can decide if the benefits of the drug outweigh the risks.A. boxedB. high-riskC. adverse drugD. contraindication

A. boxed

Otic solutions _______ used in the eyes.A. can beB. cannot beC. sometimes mayD. are almost always

B. cannot be

Psychoactive drugs in the _________ family are used to treat anxiety, panic attacks, seizures, and insomnia.A. SNRIsB. MAOIsC. benzodiazepineD. serotonin receptor agonist

C. benzodiazepine

_________ is an antidepressant agent that is known to be used as a smoking cessation drug.A. AmbienB. BupropionC. CymbaltaD. Amitriptyline

B. Bupropion

_________ is often prescribed to a patient to be taken at bedtime to help with a condition known as restless leg syndrome.A. LithiumB. TrazadoneC. ConcertaD. Ropinirole

D. Ropinirole

Methylphenidate treats ADHD by ____________ the central nervous system to help support the brain in focusing.A. depressingB. stimulatingC. paralyzingD. correcting

B. stimulating

__________ is a narrow therapeutic drug that is used to treat bipolar disorder.A. LithiumB. LyricaC. LamictalD. Neurontin

A. Lithium

A female patient has been suffering from migraines. The prescription that she brought into the pharmacy today is for a serotonin receptor agonist known as __________.A. carbamazepineB. gabapentinC. sumatriptanD. phenytoin

C. sumatriptan

A patient that is being treated with an ___________ has come into the pharmacy today to speak to the pharmacist because they have a dry cough that they cannot get rid of no matter what they try to do. The pharmacist tells them that this is a common side effect of ace inhibitors.A. losartanB. lisinoprilC. verapamilD. atenolol

B. lisinopril

An immediate release form of a beta blocker has been prescribed to your patient. When you look at the prescription you see that ___________ is listed. You contact the pharmacist because you know this is an extended release medication and cannot be interchanged due to the differences in salt.A. BystolicB. Procardia XLC. metoprolol tartrateD. metoprolol succinate

D. metoprolol succinate

An antihyperlipidemic medication is prescribed to a patient who is having difficulty with their _____________.A. cholesterol levelsB. kidney functionC. thyroidD. central nervous system

A. cholesterol levels

A drug nutrient interaction that should be mentioned to patients in counseling about statin drugs is ____________ because it can cause a decreased metabolism of the medication causing an increase chance of side effects.A. alcoholB. orange juiceC. grapefruit juiceD. cranberry juice

C. grapefruit juice

Nitroglycerin is prescribed to be taken every five minutes for up to _______ doses. If the chest pain continues the patient must then go to the emergency room as soon as possible.A. 2B. 3C. 5D. 7

B. 3

Nitroglycerin should be stored in the original container and be replaced at least every ____ months.A. 6B. 4C. 5D. 12

C. 5

When a patient does not complete their entire course of antibiotics they are creating a possibility of future drug ___________.A. intoleranceB. resistanceC. instabilityD. sensitivity

B. resistance

_________ suspension should be kept at room temperature once reconstituted.A. AmpicillinB. AugmentinC. AmoxicillinD. Azithromycin

D. Azithromycin

The drug class ____________should have a medication guide that includes a warning that these medications can cause ruptured tendons or severe tendonitis.A. tetracyclinesB. macrolidesC. fluoroquinolonesD. cephalosporins

C. fluoroquinolones

Tetracyclines should have an auxiliary label attached that says avoid ___________.A. grape fruit juiceB. prolonged sun exposureC. cranberry juiceD. alcohol

B. prolonged sun exposure

__________ is an antibiotic that is used to treat dental infections and also acne in adolescents.A. metronidazoleB. levofloxacinC. clindamycinD. ciprofloxacin

C. clindamycin

A patient normally receives his medication with child safety lids, however, today when picking up his nitroglycerin tablets he noticed they were in a non-child-resistant container. What pharmacy act allows for the exemption of this medication to be placed in non-child-resistant containers?A. Patient Safety and Quality Improvement ActB. Drug Quality and Security ActC. Poison Prevention Packaging ActD. Anabolic Steroids Control Act

C. Poison Prevention Packaging Act

Shirley comes to drop off a prescription at your pharmacy. You are currently on the phone with an insurance company and ask her if she can wait for a moment. While waiting she notices a script for anxiety medicine laying on the counter that belongs to her coworker. What Act has the technician allowed to be violated?A. Drug Quality and Security ActB. Patient Protection and Affordable Care ActC. Durham-Humphrey Amendment to the FDCAD. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

D. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

This Federal organization is responsible for supervising and enforcing laws related to the use and sale of legal and illegal controlled substances.A. The Drug Enforcement AdministrationB. The Food and Drug AssociationC. The Joint CommissionD. The American Society of health-system Pharmacists

A. The Drug Enforcement Administration

Pharmacist that dispense narcotic drugs used in substance abuse treatment programs will have a special DEA number that starts with which letter?A. AB. FC. XD. S

C. X

Which recall class for drugs is issued due to a reasonable possibility that a product will cause or could cause serious harm or even death.A. IB. IIIC. IID. IV

A. I

A prescription drug label will not contain which of the following information?A. Name and address of patientB. Strength and quantity of drugC. ContraindicationsD. Name of prescriber

C. Contraindications

Disposal containers for hazardous drug waste must be clearly labeled with what warning?A. "hazardous drug waste only"B. "employee use only"C. "infectious materials only"D. "caution drug waste

A. "hazardous drug waste only

How often should personnel undergo hazardous drug training after the initial training is completed?A. Every 6 monthsB. Every 12 monthsC. Every 3 monthsD. Every month

B. Every 12 months

Which organization maintains a hazardous drug list?A. FDAB. OSHAC. DEAD. NIOSH


Which nonprofit organization decides quality standards for prescription drugs, OTC drugs and dietary supplements?A. USPB. ASHPC. ISMPD. TJC


According to the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act medications that contain pseudoephedrine must be stored where in the pharmacy?A. In the safe behind the pharmacy counterB. Behind the Pharmacy CounterC. In the front store in the vitamin sectionD. In the cold and cough section of the store

B. Behind the Pharmacy Counter

Which legislation was passed to aim at decreasing the number of counterfeit drugs and provide more safety oversight for compounding facilities?A. Drug Quality and Security ActB. Patient Safety and Quality Improvement ActC. Biologics Price Competition and Innovation ActD. Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act

A. Drug Quality and Security Act

This organization is responsible for the review and approval of all prescriptions and over the counter medications.A. DEAB. FDAC. TJCD. ASHP


The _________ name is owned by the company that develops the drug and gets FDA approval.A. brandB. genericC. commonD. chemical

A. brand

The __________ must be filed after in-depth animal studies before a brand name drug can be tested in human trials.A. abbreviated new drug applicationB. new drug applicationC. investigational new drug applicationD. informed consent form

C. investigational new drug application

To be able to participate in human trials participants must be given an ____________ stating the purpose and risks of a study in easily understandable terms.A. informed consent formB. release from harm documentC. INDD. IRB

A. informed consent form

This is the study or trial of a drug that focuses on healthy participants and the overall safety of medication.A. Phase 3B. Phase 2C. Phase 1D. Phase 4

C. Phase 1

In this phase of study or trial of a drug the safety of a drug and the effectiveness of a drug are evaluated on a select group of participants.A. Phase 4B. Phase 2C. Phase 1D. Phase 3

B. Phase 2

____________ evaluates the benefits and risks of an investigational drug on a large group of people.A. Phase 3B. Phase 2C. Phase 1D. Phase 4

A. Phase 3

Investigational drugs must be stored __________in the pharmacy.A. behind the counter with the regular drug inventoryB. in the safe with the controlled substancesC. separately from the regular drug inventoryD. in a locked cabinet in the pharmacy with other high-risk medications

C. separately from the regular drug inventory

This is a voluntary program that allows health care professionals and consumers to anonymously report severe adverse event with medications or medical devices.A. VAERSB. REMSC. MedWatchD. FAERS

C. MedWatch

A safety surveillance program that monitors the adverse reactions or possible side effects from vaccinations is known as the _______________.A. VAERSB. REMSC. MedWatchD. FAERS


This information is attached to stock bottles and provides the technician with precautions, contraindications, and warnings.A. REMSB. Package insertC. Black Boxed WarningD. Medication guides

C. Black Boxed Warning

_____________ are printed handouts that accompany a patient's receipt and provide information and guidelines on the safe and effective use of high-risk medications.A. Package InsertB. REMSC. Black boxed warningD. Medication guides

C. Black boxed warning

If a medication that poses significant health risk, the FDA requires manufacturers to develop ____________ for providers and patients to follow. This strategy will often include additional lab work or check in with their doctors.A. VAERSB. REMSC. Medication guidesD. Package Inserts


In order for a generic to be able to be substituted for a name brand drug is must be considered ___________.A. pharmaceutically equivalentB. therapeutically equivalentC. bioequivalentD. generically equivalent

C. bioequivalent

A ______________ drug will provide the same medical benefit at the same dosage with the same degree of safety if taken the same way.A. pharmaceutically equivalentB. therapeutically equivalentC. bioequivalentD. brand equivalent

B. therapeutically equivalent

A patient comes in and request a Brand name drug. This would be indicated by a _______A. DAW 0B. DAW 1C. brand medically necessaryD. DAW 2

D. DAW 2

A pharmacy technician finds that the pharmacy is currently out of metoprolol succinate and wants to change it to metoprolol tartrate. The pharmacist tells him that he cannot do this because _________________.A. the release characteristics of these drugs differB. the physician has been angry about this in the pastC. it might confuse the patientD. the insurance will not cover the new medication

A. the release characteristics of these drugs differ

To determine if a generic substitution can be safely substituted a pharmacy technician might use the reference material known as the _______________.A. Red BookB. Orange BookC. Purple BookD. Drug Facts and Comparisons

B. Orange Book

A pharmacy technician would use the online _____________ to determine if a drug has been identified as an interchangeable biological drug.A. Purple BookB. Orange BookC. Red BookD. Drug Facts and Comparison

A. Purple Book

A pharmacist has a question about a medication that has been prescribed for a patient from a local veterinarian. The reference that could provide information on approved animal drug products would be the _____________.A. Red BookB. Purple BookC. Orange BookD. Green Book

D. Green Book

A patient's profile should be updated ________________.A. once a yearB. every time the patient presents a prescriptionC. every 6 monthsD. only when the patient notifies the pharmacy of a change in information

B. every time the patient presents a prescription

The organization that has developed a do not use list of abbreviations is the ___________.A. ISMPB. FDAC. DEAD. USP


If a patient is to receive a medication that conflicts with another medication they are taking or can possibly have an allergy a(n) ___________ will provide an alert to allow the pharmacist to counsel the patient.A. patient profile reviewB. medication reviewC. pharmacist must counsel reviewD. drug utilization review

D. drug utilization review

A(n) ___________ indicates a patient's relationship to the insurance holder.A. patient identification numberB. person codeC. BIND. processor control number

B. person code

When looking at a patient's insurance card a(n) ___________ is a unique 9-digit number that designates the insurance holder.A. BINB. PCNC. patient identification numberD. person code

C. patient identification number

The computer is requesting that you add the person code for the patient. Upon examination you realize that the patient is the spouse of the policy holder. What person code will you input?A. 02B. 03C. 01D. 04

A. 02

For nonsterile compounding to be legally performed in a pharmacy which of the following is required?A. The final drug preparation is commercially available but the pharmacy can prepare at a cheaper priceB. The drug preparation is not commercially available to meet a specific medication prescription orderC. The customer has requested that the product be made by your locationD. The doctor would like to create a stock pile of medications for their clients

B. The drug preparation is not commercially available to meet a specific medication prescription order

A pharmacy can prepare excess amount of a compound for refills and similar prescriptions in a short period of time. This is known as ____________.A. anticipatory compoundingB. refill compoundingC. surplus compoundingD. excess compounding

A. anticipatory compounding

Compounding technicians must follow ___________ that provides professional policies and procedures on nonsterile compounding.A. USP <800>B. USP <700>C. USP <400>D. USP <795>

D. USP <795>

When a compounding technician adds one or more ingredients as directed by the manufacturer they are performing _______________________.A. complex nonsterile compoundingB. moderate nonsterile compoundingC. simple nonsterile compoundingD. manufacturing compounding

C. simple nonsterile compounding

A specially trained compounding technician prepares a modified release preparation. This type of compounding is known as __________________.A. specialty compoundingB. complex nonsterile compoundingC. moderate nonsterile compoundingD. anticipatory compounding

B. complex nonsterile compounding

To prepare animal-oriented preparations a compounding technician would need to follow rules set forth by the ___________.A. PTECB. AVMAC. ASHPD. ISMP


If compounding products are stored in the refrigerator or freezer the temperature must be recorded at least __________ to make sure that proper storage conditions are maintained.A. every 24 hoursB. every weekC. every hourD. every month

A. every 24 hours

A compounding technician should use the regulations set forth by OSHA or the _________ of a pharmaceutical to decide if additional PPE is required when working with that product.A. ISMPB. USP <300>C. prescription labelD. safety data sheet

D. safety data sheet

A compounding technician will use the master formulation record chosen by the pharmacist to generate a _______________ that will show the specific information for that particular compound.A. BUDB. compounding recordC. compounding recipeD. SDS

B. compounding record

A compounding technician must use high-grade chemicals and ingredients that have been approved by the _______________ guidelines for compounding.A. USP-NFB. SDSC. FDAD. ISMP


According to the USP <795> the date after which a compounded product should not be used is known as the _________.A. expiration dateB. use by dateC. beyond use dateD. sell by date

C. beyond use date

The largest capsule size listed below is ________.A. 000B. 00C. 0D. 1

A. 000

A ________ is a liquid dosage form in which the solute is not dissolved in the solvent but throughout and should include the auxiliary label "Shake Well".A. trocheB. suspensionC. solutionD. agglomeration

B. suspension

A doctor has ordered an oil in water emulsion that is not greasy and is water washable. What type of product will be dispensed?A. gelB. ointmentC. creamD. lotion

C. cream

A solid dosage form that has the active ingredient placed in a water-soluble base that will melt with the body temperature is a(n) _________________.A. ointmentB. creamC. gelD. suppository

D. suppository

When using a Class III prescription balance, you should place the weights on _______ pan.A. the leftB. the rightC. eitherD. the bottom

B. the right

Liquid measurements should be read at eye level by looking at __________.A. the bottom of the meniscusB. the top of the meniscusC. the middle of the meniscusD. the next mL line

A. the bottom of the meniscus

____________ is the process of rubbing, grinding, or pulverizing a substance to create a finer particle.A. LevigationB. Pulverization by interventionC. TriturationD. Blending

C. Trituration

____________ is a method for combining two or more ingredients of differing strengths into an ointment or cream base.A. SiftingB. TriturationC. SpatulationD. Geometric dilution

D. Geometric dilution

A zone of turbulence is created by objects inside the hood. This allows a process known as _______ if the technicians hands get closer to the air vent than the CSP.A. fillingB. ScoopingC. ManipulatingD. shadowing

D. shadowing

A vial that does not have any preservatives thus requiring it to be used immediately after opening is known as a __________.A. multiple dose vialB. Single dose vialC. Single stick vialD. Low risk vial

C. Single stick vial

A compound was made on 1/18/2022. It was produced using the following products. What would be the BUD for the final product?Drug A powder Expiration date: 04/15/2022Drug B powder Expiration date: 07/30/2022Petrolatum Expiration date: 05/16/2022A. 05/16/2022B. 04/15/2022C. 07/30/2022D. 6 months from the date of preparation

B. 04/15/2022

A product that is a semisolid formulation would have a BUD of ___________.A. one year from the date of preparationB. the same date as the product that has the earliest expiration dateC. 6 months from the date of preparationD. not more than 30 days

D. not more than 30 days

It is important for a pharmacy to have a separate designated compounding area that is removed from excessive traffic and airflow to prevent ___________.A. poor lightingB. inaccuracy of the scalesC. spillage due to crowdingD. interruptions from customers

B. inaccuracy of the scales

A pharmacist will select a(n) ___________ which will be used like a compounding recipe for the technician when preparing a compound.A. master formulation recordB. compounding recordC. log sheetD. compounding label

A. master formulation record

Compounded sterile preparations are to be made following the guidelines found in USP ____.A. 797B. 800C. 700D. 900

A. 797

A(n) _________injection is given between the layers of skin via a syringe.A. IntravenousB. SubcutaneousC. IntramuscularD. Intradermal

D. Intradermal

A common Large Volume Parenteral that is given post-surgical because it contains electrolytes is __________.A. Normal SalineB. Lactated RingersC. ½ NSD. ¼ NS

B. Lactated Ringers

A small volume medication inserted by a syringe into a catheter is known as a(n) _________.A. SVPB. LVPC. IVPD. IM


When CSPs are prepared in batches a label may not provide compounding instructions and the technician may need to use a ________________.A. master compounding recipeB. sterile compounding recordC. compounding labelD. master formulation record

D. master formulation record

Primary Engineering Control prefilters must be changed every ________.A. 60 daysB. beginning of every shiftC. 30 daysD. year

C. 30 days

The direct compounding area must have an ISO air quality classification of _______.A. 5B. 7C. 8D. 3

A. 5

The buffer room walls and ceilings must be cleaned __________.A. WeeklyB. MonthlyC. YearlyD. At the end of each shift

B. Monthly

A 500 ml IV solution is to be given over a 5-hour period. Which of the flow rates below would need to be used?

1.6ml/min 5hr=300min 500/300=1.6

A patient is to receive 250 ml IV in a 3-hour period. If the drop factor is 60, at what rate should the IV run?

83.3gtts/min or 84gtts/min 3hr=180 250ml*60=150,000/180=83.3

A physician orders a continuous infusion of D10W at a rate of 100 ml/hr on a patient for the next 24 hours. How many 1-liter bags will you need to send to the floor for this patient to cover 24 hours?

3 10024hrs=2,400 1,0003=3,000

The physician has ordered 850ml of a D5 0.45% NaCl solution to be administer to a patient over 10 hours. How many mL will be administered per hour?

85ml/hr 850/10=85