physics 211 set 1


an agreed upon measurement by which we recon a physical quantity or dimension

systems of units

english- miles, inches, pounds metrics SI- meters, kilograms, seconds

fundamental units

meters, kilograms, seconds

derived units

speed, acceleration, force

scalar quantities

-physical measurement that has some magnitude -distance, speed

vector quantities

-physical measurement that have a magnitude and direction -position, displacement, velocity, force


total length or space traversed during some motion (m)

average speed


instantaneous speed


kinematics 1-D

is the study of motion without regards to the cause of motion. one dimensional is only considering motion in a straight line


-indicates the location of an object with regards to a reference point - position can be thought of as a vector -units of m-during motion we can measure an objects change in position which is called displacement


-change in position -disp.=final position-initial position -change in x= xf- xi


-time rate of change in displacement both average and instantaneous speed v=change x/change t


-time rate of change in velocity. can be average or instantaneous -constant acceleration motion is often considered for our work a= change v/ change t [m/s2] acceleration can occur from: speeding up, slowing down, and changing direction