Student life

Mental Agility

She have enough m_____ a____ to work on her own and come up with the new ideas even if this topic is new to her. ability to think quickly and clearly

Gifted children

When I was her age I was playing with dolls but she is g_____ c______ so she is solving math problems and learning new languages instead of playing games A group of children who are outstandingly intelligent

Attend school

She had been a______ s_____ before she went to the college To go to school

Straight - A student

I have never been s_____ - A s______ I was. I didn't get hung up on grades a student who always gets very good marks

secure a place at a university

I s______ a p_____ at Seoul university! All my efforts were not in vainto be accepted to university

to read a subject

I'm going to r____ economics at my university to do/study a subject

core subject

My c____ s______ are so boring! Why we all must learn it subjects which all the students on the course have to do

Set texts

Our s__ t____ are so heavy! Maybe we should download electronic version?specific books which students must study

Distinguished (people, work)

She is such a d___________ scholar, all of her works were successful successful, authoritative, and commanding great respect.

formal education

When I was young I didn't had time for university. Because of this lack of f_____ e______ I can't find high paid job education that occurs within academic institutions such as schools

meet the entry requirements for

I hope I m____ t__ e____ r____________ f__ university. They have such high expectations for applicantsTo do something that an educational organisation wants, needs, or expects you to do or be as good as they need, expect etc to be accepted

mature student

My uncle is m_____ s_____ because he had to work abroad after school a student who is older than average and who has usually returned to education after a period at work

Marked improvement

After some work with tutor Harry showed m______ i___________a very obvious or noticeable upgrade

Attention wanders

However, his a________ occasionally w______ in stop thinking about the subject that you should be giving your attention to and start thinking about other matters

Natural talent for

He have n_____ t_____ f__ playing piano. He had hearing in music since birth an ability to do something since birth

Room for improvement in

My teacher thinks that there is r____f__ i___________ i_ my work in math the possibility or need for something to upgrade

thirst for knowledge

I have t_______ f__ k_________ only if this topic is interesting for me curiosity that motivates investigation and study

Concentration wavers

Because of the large number of students in my class my c_________ sometimes w_____. It's just not favourable environment for studying concentration is not steady

Playing truant

Sometimes I can p___ t_____ with my classmates when it's PE. We have been caught only once being absent without permission