Vocab C1 - Reading

degrade (v)


jeopardize (v)


dispute (n/v)


diminish (v)


alternative (adj)

different from what is usual or traditionalEx: our shipping costs are way too high, so we are looking for alternative ways to deliver goods to our customers.

assertive (adj)

having or showing a confident and forceful personalityEx: you have to be more assertive if you want people to take your ideas seriously

boast (v)

talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one's achievements, possessions, or abilities.Ex: our new campus boasts a brand new computer and technology center as well as a career placement service

expertise (n)

specialized skill or technical knowledge; know-how; expertnessEx: Professors at this technical institute are known for their expertise in robotics and high-tech electronics.

persistent (adj)

strong and determined; lasting for a long time and difficult to resolveex: The staff in the admissions office regularly meet with persistent students to answer the questions and give campus tours.

prospective (adj)

possible in the futureEx: for the last five years, there has been a prospective shortage of job applicants with skills in a wide range of technical areas

qualified (adj)

having the abilities that fit a person for a task or jobEx: It was difficult to fill the position in IT because most of the applicants really weren't qualified for the job

ambiguity (n)

lack of clarity; the quality of having several possible meanings.Ex: There is some ambiguity in the law, so it is difficult to know whether the company actually did anything wrong.

founders (n)

people who establish an organizationEx: Steve Jobs was one of the founders of Apple, Inc.

potential (n)

the possibility to develop and succeedEx: This new technology has the potential to change how students learn about science.

illustration (n)

an example that explains somethingEx: The current protests are an illustration of the continuing importance of free speech.

extend (v)

to go furtherEx: The consequences of this disaster extend beyond the city to the whole country.

oppose (v)

(v) to disagree strongly with a plan or policyEx: He intends to oppose the prime minister in the leadership election

vocational education

schooling where students learn skills that involve working with their handsEx: Not many young people are interested in vocational education.

placement (n)

a temporary position or job in an organizationEx: I think we can find a placement for you in the sales department.

welder (n)

a person whose job is joining metal parts together with high heatEx: Wearing the proper attire is critical for welders.