27 - Sugar, sugar products and honey. Fats and oils. Alcohol. Beverages.

describe the nutrient significance of sugars and their products

- high energy (carbs)- honey consists of 75% sugars (fructose and glucose)

describe the nutrient significance of fats and oils

- good source of energy and FSA - fats of animal origin are poor sources of EFA- fats of vegetable sources are rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids except coconut oil - margarine is made from vegetable oils and fortified with vitamin A and D

describe the nutrient significance of beverages

- water is essential to life- beverage are drinks which have flavour and stimulating properties1. coffee, tea, cocoa (coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant of NS, tea contains caffeine, tannic acid, theophylline, and essential volatile oils, rich in fat and contains theobromine)2.soft drinks (carbonated or non-carbonated, contains carbon dioxide, sugars, acids, colouring and flavourings 3. alcoholic beverages (beer, whiskey, rum or gin, alcohol content varies from 5-6% in beers and 40-45% in whiskey, rum and gin)