Ch 1. Psychology Crossword Puzzle with definitions


focuses on the role of evolutionary processes in shaping behavior


attempts to understand the structure of the mind by breaking it down into its component parts


believes that free will and conscious choice are essential aspects of the human experience

Sigmond Freud

believed unconscious forces in the mind controlled and determined an individuals behavior


psychologist who uses psychological techniques to evaluate and treat individuals with psychological disorders


considered the founder of psychology due to establishing a laboratory

School Psychologist

psychologist who evaluates and assists children with learning problems or other special needs

Abraham Maslow

contributed to humanistic psychology; introduced the Hierarchy of Needs

William James

focused his studies on how behavior helps individuals to adapt to demands placed on them


emphasizes roles of cognitive and environmental factors


belief that the struggle between unconscious sexual or aggressive impulses influence behavior


focuses on working through unconscious conflicts which are the root of psychological problems


means "unitary form" or "pattern


psychologist studies issues related to measuring intelligence and educational or academic achievement


believed you can never observe another person's mental processes and therefore psychology should only study observable things; behaviorism


psychologist studies group or social influences on behavior




psychologist who helps people clarify their goals and make life decisions or assists them in overcoming problems in various areas of their lives