REE(Rare Earth Elements)

Scandium (Sc)

Metal alloys for aerospace industry. Strong as titanium, light as aluminum, hard as ceramic

Yttrium (Y)

LEDs and Florenscent bulbs. Temperature sensors. Colored Tv. Computer monitors. RED PHOSPHORS

Lanthanum (La)

Catalyst for refining fuels Electric car batt.High tech digi cams, video cams motion picture Industry

Cerium (Ce)

Polishing agent for glass LCD​

Proseodymium (Pr)

Magnet industrial mag— improve coecivity and resistance to corrosionpigment, Airport searchlights

Noedymium (Ne)

Magnet Neodynium, boron and Fe (NdFeB) magnet -Strongest available -in motors of wind turbines, elec vehi

Promethium (Pm)

Beta radiation source fluid tracking cat

Samarium (Sm)

Mag magnet that can operate in extremely high temp​

Europium (Eu)

LCD Fliurenscent Lighting

Gadolinium (Gd)

Magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent

Terbium (Tb)

Phosphor for lighting and display ​

Holmium (Ho)

Highest power magnet known

Erbium (Er)

lasers, glass colorant, Optical fibers

Thulium (Tm)

High power mags ​

Yterbium (Yb)

Fiber optic techs, solar pannels, alloys (stainless steels), lasers, rad source

Lutetium (Lu)

Xray Phospors


Laser Mags glass optic fib (fiber opts)