How long is the mandatory health and safety training valid for?

1 year

What are the GPA and hour requirements for a RE program?

45 hours and a 3.0 GPA

What is the minimum number of hours students are required to take while abroad during a semester long program?

12 hours

What are the GPA and hour requirements for NSE?

24 hours and a 2.5 GPA

What is the best study abroad options for freshman?

Faculty led programs

How are credits counted for those who go on an affiliated approved program?

as transfer credits

How are credits counted for those who go on NSE or a RE program?

as resident credits

Our scholarship application includes all scholarships through our office T or F


A student who recives a provost scholarship is unable to apply for one again T or F


What is one benefit of NSE?

students with location-specialized majors such as marine biology or political science can study in locations like Hawaii or Washington D.C.

Approx. how many NSE partners do we have?

140+ universities in locations across the U.S., Canda, and any U.S. territories like puerto rico, Guam, etc.

What are the GPA and hour requirements for Affiliated and Approved programs?

30 hours and a 2.5 GPA

Can you talk about a students personal information / application with a parent?


All students going through the study abroad office must with Linda Millis in the financial aid office, T or F


Can a graduate student go on a faculty led program?


About how long our faculty led programs?

Over winter/spring break and summer break

Can a student from CAS go on a SPEARS faculty led program?


Why are affiliated and approved programs more pricy than RE, faculty-led, or NSE?

They usually include extra services such as trips, planned excursions, networking events, housing, health insurance, etc.

If a student wants to go abroad in Argentina, what program type is the best?

Affiliated and approved because we do not have a RE partner in Argentina (or faculty led program if there is one)

Who are faculty led programs hosted by?

Academic colleges

Whats a benefit for a doing RE?

you can still pay OSU's tuition and fees while abroad and recieve federal financial aid as well as any tuition-based scholarships

What are the pay options for NSE?

home and host pay