psych study guide unit 1

Define Psychology

the scientific study of behavior and mental processes

Goals of Psychology

1. describe information2. explain why people behave the way they do3. predict when behaviors will be displayed4. find ways behavior is influenced

Define hypothesis

An educated guess

Define theory

a complex explanation based on the findings of a large number of studies

William Wundt

father of modern psychology

Define Structuralism

the idea that the mind is broken into different parts that can be studied individually

William James

Father of American Psychology - functionalist

Define Functionalism

the theory that all aspects of a society serve a function and are necessary for the survival of that society.

Define Gestalt Psychology

looks at the human mind and behavior as a whole

Sigmund Freud

pioneered psychoanalytic psychology

Define psychoanalysis

study of the unconscious mind

Ivan Pavlov

behavioral psychology; trained dogs to experiment behavior

John Watson

famous for conditioning process

B.F. Skinner

studied radical behaviorism and influence of behaviorism

Define behaviorism

all behavior was the result of conditioning and training

Abraham Maslow

famous for self actualization theory

Carl Rogers

founder of humanistic psychology

Define humanistic psychology

people are shaped by their enviornment

Jean Peaget

first to make a systematic study of acquisition of understanding Children

Define cognitive psychology

how we process, store, and retrieve information. believe that behavior is influnced

biological psychology

a branch of psychology concerned with the links between biology and behavior

Define sociocultural psychology

influence of culture on behavior

6 contemporary perspectives of psychology

1. psychoanalytic perspective2. behavioral perspective 3. humanistic perspective 4. cognitive perspective5. biological perspective 6. sociocultural perspective

main perspectives of psychology

structuralism, functionalism, and gestalt