Health Expectations Bingo

Fire Drill

Quietly, head out the double doors of the Health Room, take a left, go out the entrance, take a left on the sidewalk, then follow the sidewalk to the field across Victory Lane.

Tornado Drill

Quietly, head out the double doors to the right, sit on the floor against hallway walls, with your hands over your head.

Restroom Sign-out Board

Must ask Miss Bennett to go, then fill this out before you leave the room to go to the restroom.


Health supply needed each day for class.


Health supply needed each day for class.

Raise your hand

Must do this before speaking out loud.

Cell phone

What must be turned off and in your backpack all day?


Chromebooks must be 100% _____________ before you start your day.

On time

Assignments must be completed ____________.


May NOT chew ____________ in class.

Under your chair

Backpacks, water bottles, and other materials (other than your chromebooks) must be placed ___________.

Lining Up

Must be in a quiet and in a straight line up against the wall before entering in the building, and quietly in a straight line up against smiley wall to leave from Health.

Health Ticket

You will receive 1 _________________ each day in Health as long as your chromebook is charged, you are on task, and complete your assignments on time.

FUN Friday

You may use your health tickets to enter a prize box drawing on this day.

Water Bottles

What must be under your chair, not being sprayed, and used when you need hydration?


Being encouraging, helpful, and kind to peers and teachers.


Completed assignments on time, chromebook is charged, work area is cleaned and organized, and you are on task each day.


No gum, belongings are under your chair, hands and feet are to ourselves, and you are quietly and orderly entering and exiting the building.

Homework Board

Must check this at the beginning of the class to write the homework and assignments in your planners.

Google Classroom

Make sure you have joined this to see and complete on assignments for Health.

Duke Blue Devils

Miss Bennett's favorite sports team.

Circulatory System

Topic in Health that explains the process of your heart and blood.


Topic in Health that explains healthy procedures for making health life choices.

Reproductive System

Topic in Health that explains the tissues, organs and glands used in producing offspring.