Causes of Environmental Change

negative changes from Agriculture

removal of native species and introduction of livestock

negative Long term effects of agriculture

salinisation, soil compaction and erosion

negative changes from urbanisation

waterways straightened or covered and riverbanks cemented

negative changes from Industrial land use

leaking of toxic substances and contaminating surface water

negative changes from use of plastics

pollution due to difficult to dispose of and take thousands of years to decompose

positive impacts of erosion

breaks down minerals in rocks and releases into soils and the atmosphere.

negative impacts of severe natural disasters

ecosystems may have to adapt or change in a short period of time in order to survive

positive impacts of gradual natural geographic processes, e.g. weathering

organisms have time to evolve to suit changing conditions

positive impacts of global warming

faster shipping routes through exposed melting ice glaciers in the artic

positive impacts of biodiversity

increases the resilience of an ecosystem to weather disturbances, disease, and climate change.

Positive impacts of decomposers (bacteria)

help with breakdown of dead organisms and facilitate the transfer of energy through the food chain

negative impacts from production of mobile phones

Mining for the required raw materials creates a lot of waste and pollution, and destroys natural habitats