1. The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate

go out with

to spend time with somebody and have a romantic or sexual relationship with themEx: You're going out with a guy.


a loving and/or sexual friendship between two peopleEx: It was his first sexual relationship.


have got toдолженEx: You gotta be careful!


a large curved part on the back of some animals, especially camelsEx: Okay, it was a huge hump and I'm a little sensitive about it.

a hairpiece

alse hair worn to make your own hair look longer or thickerEx: While a synthetic hairpiece holds its style, even after washing, that's not the case with human hair wigs.

a chalk

a type of soft white stoneEx: Draw diagrams with chalk on the blackboard.

go through something

to experience a difficult or unpleasant situation(пройти через)Ex: I went through a lot of things.


used to emphasize something unexpected or surprisingEx: She didn't even call to say she wasn't coming.

a date

a romantic meetingEx: I gotta a date with Lucy tomorrow night.

a cafeteria

a restaurant where you serve yourself and pay a cashierEx: Inside the building there is also the Art Gallery, the National Library and the cafeteria.

to realize

to understand or become aware of a particular fact or situationEx: The moment I saw her, I realized something was wrong.


absolutely, completelyEx: They come from totally different cultures.


not wearing any clothesEx: I realize I'm totally naked.

all of a sudden

​quickly and unexpectedlyEx: All of a sudden someone caught me around my neck.

turn out

be discovered / become knownEx: It turned out that she was a friend of my sister.


strangeEX: Which is very, very weirdbecause she never calls me.


to want toEx: I wanna something to drink.

to grab

to take hold of something or someone suddenlyEx: She grabbed the child's hand and ran.

pull it out of something

ВытащитьEx: He pulled it out of my mouth.

to tie

to fasten something to or around something elseEx: She tied a label on to the suitcase.

a cookie

a small flat sweet cake for one person, usually baked until hard and dryEx: I like chocolate cookies.

a stuff

thingsEx: I want to buy some expensive tech stuff.

move out

to leave your old homeEx: I think perhaps it is better if you move out.

to cleanse

to make cleanEx: Stop cleansing my aura.

to leave

to make or allow somebody/something to remain in a particular condition, place, etc.Ex: Leave the door open, please.

To hell with somebody/something!

К черту её!used to express anger or dislike and to say that you no longer care about somebody/somethingEx: To hell with her! She left me.

a survivor

one who stays alive while others dieEx: There are only a few survivors from the original team.

a bridesmaid

a girl or woman who during the marriage ceremony helps the woman who is getting marriedEx: Jo asked her sister to be (a) bridesmaid

a half hour

30 minutesEx: He should arrive within the next half hour.

a gravy boat

a long, low container with a handle, used for serving gravy at the tableEx: Like you get a new gravy boat so you don't spoil the set.


very beautiful and attractive (syn. lovely)Ex: It was a gorgeous view!

turn on somebody

to make somebody excited or interested, especially sexuallyEx: Or maybe it doesn't turn you on when somebody hits back.

freak out

to become really scared, frightened or even angryEx: My parents really freaked when they saw my hair.

to hit

suddenly realizeEx: The idea hit me like a tornado.