environmental predator ----- prey relationships

what is predator to prey relationship ?

this is wheel the predator hunts and kills their prey to eat . they both evolve together and are apart of the same environment

what is the role of predators

they help create and maintain greater diversity within an ecosystem .

how do predators maintain heir role ?

they regulate the abundance and distribution of the prey species they prevent for one single species from dominating they remove the sick and weak animals from the prey population

how does the predator ---- prey cycle work ?

as the prey population decreases ( because the predators are killing them )the food available for the predators will decrease .this causes the predator pressure to reduce and then the prey can increase

what are examples of predator to prey relationships ?

aphid --- ladybugs lion --- zebra shark -- fish

explain the Lion to zebra predator to prey relationship ?

lions are the predator and zebra are the prey .they both asap to out live each other. Lion - the faster the lion is the easier it is to catch the zebras and less compettionon with the other lions zebras -the faster the zebra can out run the lion it is able to survive so as they reproduce they also are changing the genes in the zebra population by matching with the faster male and fast female