Chapter 1 Section 3 Question AP GOV

Who controls the government and resources in Saudi Arabia?

A king controls the gov and resources in Saudi Arabia

What do examples of totalitarian dictatorship include?

Adolf Hitler In Nazi Gernmany,Benito Mussolinis rule in Italy,and Joseph Stalins regime in the Soviet Union.And they include the ideas of a single leader or small group of leaders

How does the group derive its power in an oligarchy?

The group derbies it's power from wealth,military power,social position,or a comabination of these.And sometimes religion is a source of power.

What is the key idea of democracy?

The key idea is that the people hold sovereign power

Where is representative democracy practiced?

In cities,states,provinces,and countries where the population is too large to meet regularly in one place

What does government in a democracy work to do?

It works to promote the kind of equality where all people have an equal opportunity to develop their talents to the fullest extent possible

What do free elections give people the chance to do?

Give the people the chance to choose their leaders and to voice their opinions on various issues

What are an important element of democratic government?

An improtant element is the political parties

What do rival parties help do?

Help to make elections giving voters a choice among candidates

Where do democracies succeed more?

More in countries that to some degree meet five general criteria that reflects the quality of life of citizens.The criteria is active citizen participation,favorable economy,widespread education,strong civil society,and a social consensus

Where is a democracy more likely to succeed?

Most likely succeed in countries that do it have extremes of wealth and poverty but rather a large middle class.And that have a educated public

What do these organizations give citizens?

Give a way to make their views known to government official,and general public

Who were among the most educated people at the time?

The American Colonists