how did the first americans get here

crossed a land bridge connecting asia and alaska

where did the americans go

north america central and south america

native americans was divided into groups based on

where they lived and their language

Sc native american people was part of

eastern because they were forest dwellers

SC native americans spoke what language

(siouan catawba) (iroquion cherokee) Muskhogean or algoquin yemassee but all possibly shared algoquin

native american clans were based on a common


family name came from

the mother

what was used for transportation

river and canoes was used for transportation

what tools did they use

trunks was used to build canoes wood and rocks were used to make tools and weapons

what was used to build

tree bark and animal hides were used to build housing

if they form good rituals they thought they would get?

good food production

what did they worship

the worshipped spirits of nature and the great spirit whom the believe created everything

who worshipped and healed

shamans worshiped and healed the sick

how did they get there food and what did they get

deer fishing and they used bow and arrow


corn, pole beans, and squash

what were the 3 crops known as

the 3 sisters

where did eastern woodlands live

perminent villages surrounded by palisades and not nomadic