safety instructions for graphic arts


Occupational Safety and Health Administration

5S Method

sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain


Standard established by OSHA, lets you know that a piece of machinery is broken


An unexpected happening that may result in injury, loss, or damage.

PPE (personal protective equipment)

mask, goggle, face shield, respirator

first aid

the immediate, temporary care given to an ill or injured person until professional medical care can be provided


A potential danger or risk.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

Written instructions for handling of biohazardous materials, safe use of the product, and cleanup and disposal directions are called:

Chemicals enter the body (4)

inhalation, injection, ingestion, absorption

acute exposure

exposure to a toxicant for short periods of time

chronic exposure

Repeated exposures, generally to lower levels, over a long time

nip point

The point of contact where two cylinders, gears, or rollers meet or come close to one another.

4 types of nip points

spinning followers, rotating chains and sprockets, turning gears, rotating belts

Before using any power equipment

Tie long hair back, roll up sleeves, remove bulky clothing, removing any lose jewelry, put on apron and tie

Report any ______ condition in the shop immediately


Arrange all _____ and equipment to permit safe and efficient operation


Keep ____ and supplies safely stacked and stored


Keep all ___ and accessories in the cabinet or rack


Dispose/store all ___ in a safe container


Always keep all ___ clean and free of debris


Participate in daily ___ organization

5S Method

In case of a fire, there are ___ emergency exits


Plan all your cuts to be done with a ___ knife

razor or exacto

Do not handle razor or exacto knives unless you plan to ___

use them

Always cut along a ___ edge when using a razor or exacto knife.


When cutting thick pieces with a razor or exacto knife, make a few ___


Be sure to cut on a ___ surface