Direct Rule 1972

What Bloody Sunday indicated

Prime minister Brian Faulkner and cabinet unable to deal with instability within Northern Ireland alone

What the British government in London was going to do

Taking control of security in Northern Ireland, ending internment, plans for a referendum to discuss border, set up a government within Northern Ireland with members from all parties

How direct rule came about

Closed down Northern Ireland government and run directly from London, William Whitelaw appointed as first Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

How all groups reacted to the end of Stormont

Irish government and SDL happy, IRA welcomed the end of Stormont but not a Secretary of State, protests from the Ulster Vanguard

Why was 1972 the 'blackest year'?

More deaths from paramilitary violence than any other year (500 deaths)- 9 from PIRA 'Bloody Friday' on 21st July, 9 on 31st July from PIRA bombs