DHO Vocab & Key Terms

alternative therapies

methods of treatment that are used in place of biomedical therapies

complementary therapies

methods of treatment that are used in conjunction with conventional medical therapies

cost containment

trying to control the rising cost of health care & achieving the maximum benefit for every dollar spent

diagnostic related groups (DRG's)

one way congress is trying to control costs for gov. insurance plans like medicare, medicaid

energy conservation

monitoring the use of energy to control costs and conserve resources

geriatric care

care for the elderly

holistic health care

care that promotes physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual well being by treating the whole mind, body, and spirit

home health care

rapidly growing field also a form of cost containment

integrative health care

uses both mainstream medical treatments and CAM therapies to treat a patient

omnibus budget reconciliation act (OBRA)

led to development of many regulations regarding long-term care and home health care

outpatient services

patients receive care without being admitted to hospitals or other care facilities


outbreak of a disease occurs over a wide geographic area and affects a high proportion of the population


use of video, audio & computer systems to provide medical and/or health care services


the state of being in optimum health