Hebrew Scriptures Quiz 1

Sections of the TaNaK

The Torah, The Nebi'im, Ketubim

Deuterocanonical Books

The seven books not found in either the Hebrew or Protestant canons, but are part of the accepted canon of the Catholic Church

The Talmud

a collection of post-biblical laws and teaching that originated with the rabbis who worked in either Babylon or Palestine in the first five Christian centuries


legal material


narrative or story material

The Torah

God's mighty deeds and the law


Stresses the Covenant and the Law

The Ketubim

Beautiful reflections on God's manifestation in nature and social relations

The septuagint

a important ancient greek translation of the old testament

sensus literalis

the literal sense; what the words mean either precisely or figuratively

Sensus Plenior

the "fuller" sense; or the spiritual sense; how the words point to or signify something more profound

The Pentateuch

One of the four division of the catholic tradition bible