308- Team Leader

How many stages of fire are there?


What are the four stages of fire?

Ignition, Growth, Fully Developed, and Decay

What in NSTM is the resource for fire fighting efforts (DC Bible)?

NSTM 555

As a team leader, what teams are you responsible for?

Fire, Desmoking, and Dewatering

Who does the team leader make reports to?

Scene Leader

What equipment should Team Leader always have with them?

NFTI (Naval Firefighting Thermal Imager)

What does NFTI stand for?

Naval Firefighting Thermal Imager

How many types of batteries does the NFTI have?


How long does a non-rechargeable battery last?

3.05 hours

How long does the rechargeable battery last?

4.85 hours

What model of NFTI do we use on board?

K90 Talisman

What are the modes of the NFTI?

Video Overlay and Thermal Imager

What can the NFTI not see through?


What are the classes of fires?

A, B, C, and D

What is the primary agent for a Class Alpha Fire?


What is the primary agent for Class Bravo Fire?

AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam)

What is the primary agent for Class Charlie Fire?


What is the primary agent for a Class Delta Fire?


Who can authorize Jettison?

Commanding Officer

How long does a five gallon drum of AFFF last of continuous use?

60 seconds

What does AFFF do to a Fire?

Vapor seal to cutoff the oxygen

What fire fighting agents do we have onboard?

AFFF, CO2, PKP, FM, and Halon 1301

How many patterns are there for the vary nozzle?


What is the only pattern that is not a firefighting pattern?


What pattern is best to combat roll-over?

Wide V

What is roll-rover?

When overhead gases are burning, fire spreads overhead

What is the reason for an indirect approach when combating a fire?

Heat condition does not allow access to space

What are the methods for indirect firefighting?

Narrow V, Smoke Curtain, and Bulkhead Cutting (authorized by the CO)

What are the four desmoking methods?

Vari-nozzle, Natural, Portable, and Installed

What fans do the portable desmoking method use?

Box Fan and Ram Fan

Who authorizes the installed desmoking method?


What is overhaul?

Searching for hotspots or other possible reignitions and putting them out