Time Vocabulary

analog clock

a clock that has an hour hand and a minute hand

digital clock

a clock that shows time with digits and a colon


The time during which something happens


to pass or go by

Quarter Hour

15 minutes or one quarter of an hour. In time, this is expressed as :15. Example: The quarter hour of 2:00 pm is 2:15 pm.

Half hour

30 minutes, or one half of an hour. This is expressed as :30. The half hour of 2:00 pm is 2:30 pm.

Three Quarters of an Hour

45 minutes, or three quarters of an hour is expressed as :45. Three quarters of 2:00 pm is 2:45 pm


Post Meridian (after noon or midday)


Ante Meridian (before noon or midday)

12 noon

12:00 pm

12 midnight

12:00 am