Unit 14: Equipment Breakdown

Equipment Breakdown is designed to cover

- mechanical breakdown - electrical arcing - artificially generated electrical currents - centrifugal force - boiler overheating, cracking, bulging, and sagging - bulging, cracking, or collapse of pressure vessels, such as water heaters, compressed air tanks, steam cookers, & kettles, expansion tanks, & condensate return tanks

Covered Property: Equipment Breakdown

-boilers, pressure vessels, and water heaters-electrical distribution system-heating and cooling -refrigeration-production equipment -office equipment -computer tech-computer controlled machines such and CNC machines and robotics-communication systems including phones and voicemail systems -security and fire detection systems -ovens, stoves and furnace s-eleavators, escalators, crines, hoist and lifts-cash registers and inventory control systems -diagnostic equipment


-property damage-expedition expenses -business income and or extra expense-spoilage damage-utility interruption -brands and labels

Equipment Breakdown Conditions

- Normal property conditions (abandonment, appraisal, other insurance, etc.)- Defense costs included- Suspension of coverage

ACV instead of replacement

-obsolete or useless property not covered