RS1 Short Streets 221-240

Miegs Pl NE 1500 - 1600 Blk

From Holbrook St to Bladensburg Rd, Between Queens & Raum Sts.

Mill Rd NW 2500 Blk

From 27th St East to a dead end, Between Q St & Rock Creek & Potomac Pkwy.

Millers Court NE Unit Blk

South off of A St,Between 3rd & 4th Sts.

Mills Ave NE 2800 - 3000 Blk

From Rhode Island Ave to Franklin St, Between 20th & Thayer Sts.

Mintwood Pl NW 1800 Blk

From Columbia Rd to 19th St, Between Kalorama Rd & Biltmore St.

Morgan St NW 200 Blk

From New Jersey Ave to Kirby St, Between N St & New York Ave.

Morris Pl NE 600 Blk

From 6th to 7th Sts, Between F & G Sts.

Morse St NE 300 - 500 Blk

West off of 4th to 6th Sts, Between Florida Ave & Neal St.

Morton Place NE 600 Blk

From 6th to 7th Sts, Between L St & Orleans Pl.

Mt Vernon Pl NW 800 Blk

From 7th to 9th Sts, Between K & L Sts.

Mozart Pl NW 2500-2600 Blk

From Euclid St to Columbia Rd, Between 16th and 17th Sts.

Myrtle Ave NE 2600 - 2800 Blk

From S. Dakota Ave to Clinton St Between Brentwood Rd & Vista St

N St SW 300 - 400 Blk

East & West off 4th St, Between M & O Sts.

Normanstone Dr NW 2800 - 3000 Blk

From Rock Creek Dr to 32nd St, Between Mass. Ave & Woodland Dr

Normanstone Ln NW 2600 - 2900 Blk

North off of Normanstone Dr., Between Rock Creek Dr & 30th St.

Normanstone Terrace NW 3000- 3100 Blk

West off of 30th St., Between Normanstone & Woodland Drs.

Naylor Court NW 1300 Blk

South off of O St, Between 9th and 10th Sts.

Neal Place NE 400 - 500 Blk

From 4th to 6th Sts, Between Morse & Penn Sts.

Newport Place NW 2100 Blk

From 21st to 22nd Sts, Between N & O Sts.

O ST SW 300 - 400 Blk

From East & West off 4th St, Between N & P Sts.