Attainment. Fulfillment. Fruition. What worked? What didn't? Look at cycles you may be caught in. Look at garden of your achievements and look at the fruits of your labor as well as achievements.

9 of Swords

Deep emotional issues. Stress. Worry. Anxiety. Insomnia. Tormented by your thoughts. Feeling lost. Highly sensitive and the criticism of others causing anguish. Very shaken by a situation. Difficult times not as hard as it seems.

9 of Cups

Happiness. Well-being. Fulfillment. Contentment. Fairy tale in love. Everything coming to fruition. Satisfaction. Gratification. reaping rewards of hard work. Financial success will enable you to help others. Happy Happy. Joy Joy. New love? Things will be okay. Make room for happiness.

9 of Wands

Final test before achieving victory. Self-protected. Contemplating for an attack. Resilience. You are in an advantageous position. Courage & patience is needed. Take time to process your feelings/ thoughts. Past hurt/ trauma causing defensiveness. Overly concerned with being hurt. Damage control. Having a hard time winning someone over. Blocking blessings.

9 of Pentacles

Being happy. Being single. Abundant. Luxury living. No longer needs financial or emotional dependence on others. Enjoying the fruits of your labor. Healthy development of self-esteem. Security. Confidence. The ability to make $. Built her garden and now she enjoyed her flowers. Want something done right? Do it yourself. Embracing radical independence.

Nine Personality

Practicing spiritual laws and must be in direct service to humans. Their occupations are most likely doctors, nurses, counselors, or light workers (Some type of healer). Even though they are in these fields they are being directed to use more spiritual and holistic in their work. Regardless of what is going on with tules and protocols they must follow their own heart.Meaning: It is time to end a relationship that is no longer serving you. The change is positive and the new will enhance the way you live your life.