organisational culture and workplace safety

why is organisational culture important?

financial benefits, job satisfaction, organisational performance, employee retention, customer satisfaction

how is organisational culture created and maintained?

top management, socialisation, selection processes

symptoms of a negative organisational culture

high employee turnover, poor organisational communication, unhealthy work life balance, negative work environment, bad reputation, toxic management styles

what are the three levels of organisational culture?

artefacts, espoused values, basic assumptions

what is organisational climate?

represents a temporally specific 'snapshot' of the more surface elements of organisational culture

what is safety climate?

represents employees shared perceptions of the value an organisation places on safety

how is the group and organisational level associated in the multilevel model of safety climate?

- importance of co-workers- group safety climate mediates effects of org safety climate on employee safety behaviour

what is safety climate positively associated with?

safety performance, compliance, participation, knowledge and motivation

what is safety climate negatively associated with?

occupational accidents and injuries

what is the organisational culture period in theories of accident causation

highlights team environments under which many workers perform their duties and as such the accepted norms and behaviours as they relate to safety are influenced by the culture of a workplace