hygiene products definition

Products that are used to promote cleanliness and control germs and bacteria.

emotional changes definition

Pattern of changes with regards to feelings, behaviours and actions.

social changes definition

Changes in our relationships and interactions with others.

mental changes definition

An alteration in our brain function with regards to our thoughts, judgements, values and ability to perform tasks.

positive hygiene habits

Showering every day or after intense physical activityWashing your face and other parts of your bodyUsing products to manage body odour and kill germsWashing your clothes well, particularly after physical activity

what is Antiperspirant deodorant used for

Antiperspirant deodorant stops body odour (BO) by controlling how much you sweat. It is important to know there are other deodorant products that simply cover up odour.

what is shaving products used for

Used to remove unwanted body amd facial hair. Optional and preferences will vary from person to person.

what is sanitary products for females used for

Absorbent items used when a female is menstruating (has her period)

what are hair products to use for

Used to control oily hair.

what are facial and body products used for

Used to wash away oils and bacteria that contributes to acne, clogged pores or smells.