After Effects

Lock guides

ctrl ;

Duplicate a comp visually around it use


Reverse Keyframes

Select keyframes, right click - keyframe assistant - time reverse keyframes

Use a color scheme by adding custom colors

Preferences, general, use system color picker

Make a template for rendering

Click the down arrow and make a preset. Then just select all comps to render and then click the down arrow on one of them to change them all to that preset.

Create keyframes from expressions

make a keyframe and right click it and go to keyframe assistant convert expression to keyframes

Turn a layer into a guide layer

Select the layer and right click and go to guide layer

Move a mask, object, and pen tool creations while creating

Hold space

Parent a object to match the postion of another object

Hold Shift plus using the pickwip to the object

Add a layer to the timeline at the time marker

Ctrl + Alt + v

12 principles of animation

Timingease in and outanticipationsquashing and stretchingIf an object is falling fast you want to decrease width and increase lengthwhen squashing and stretching you want to keep volume, 50% to 200%exaggerationIn order to apply the animation principle of exaggeration, you first need to_________. define what you want and then modify or heighten those the areas of your composition and of your animation that convey the message that you wantFollow-through and overlappingmoving key frames forward down the time line

Close all other timeline panels

go to comp menu button and select close other panels

Quickly go through missing files

search missing in the search bar, and press Ctrl + H to replace

Quickly center an anchor point

Ctrl + Alt + Home

Quickly center an object

Ctrl + Home

Fit to comp

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + W for image to width of comp Ctrl + Shift + Alt + H for image to height of comp Ctrl + Alt + F for full comp size

Reveal in timeline

right click the fx and click reveal in timeline

Render q items be a different output file

Hold control as you select the output module

Send to adobe encoder

Ctrl + Alt + M

Delete all effects from selected layers

Select all layers Ctrl + Shift + E

Reset the scale and rotation

double click selection tool, rotation tool

Ram preview with alternate settings

Go to preview window to set up the shift + 0 settings

Live text templates for premiere

Go to comp settings - advanced - check "template

Quickly start editing a project using a source item

drag source item to after effects and select and go to edit - edit orginal or Ctrl + E

Edit certain grouped properties in the timeline

hold ctrl and select ones you want and press SS

Hide properties in the timeline

Hold Alt + Shift +click on property

Apply footage settings to many files by copy and paste

change settings and press ctrl+alt+c and to paste to all the others ctrl+alt+v

Save a frame in your ae project to export with layers and all to photoshop

Compositon - Save frame as.. - Photoshop layers

Convert photoshop text to editable text

right click and convert to editable text

Convert a shape layer to a bezier path

Right click on the shape path and convert to bezier path

Show all properties

Hold Ctrl as you click the drop down menu

Create a numbered marker

Hold shift + any number

Remove marker

Hold ctrl and click on each marker

Display expressions only

Hit ee

Copy expression only

right click the expression property - copy expression only

Pick-whip to a different comp

put the two timelines side by side and pick whip like normal

Change clip frame rate, fields, and aspect ratio right

click clip-interpret-main

Replace all instances of footage

right click-replace footage-file..

Zoom in

use middle mouse button

Zoom where mouse is

hold alt and middle mouse

Move to an area to focus on

hold space and move with mouse button

Resolution lower itself to be able to play quickly

click lightning bolt button on adaptive resolution

Trim comp to the work area

right click work area and click on clip to work area

Find an effect quick

go to the effects and presets pallette to the right

Change to color

Effect-color correction

Reset a parameter

right click and select reset

Toggle time code types

Hold Ctrl and click the time code

Set the work area to a layer

select layer and press Ctrl + Alt + B

Reset work area

double click work area

Set the beguining and end of comp

press B and N

Turn on motion blur for a clip or global

click bouncy ball next to layer or big bouncy ball button for global

Smoother key frame

click key frame and press F9

Increase range of key frames

select key frames and hold Alt while re sizing

Access key frames from effects

U brings up all properties with key frames and hit it twice to pop up all parameters changed

Resize layers in comp window

tillda key(next to number 1)

Put transparency on

click on checkerboard button in window bottom right

Solo layers

click bubbles next to eye button on layers

Link layers together

use parent to drag to the two layers, its the parent swirly button,

Add an adjustment layer

go to layer-new-adjustment layer

Make a background

go to layer-new-solid

Key out green or blue screen

effect-keying, keylight


toggle transparency button by camera selection

Create custom shape mask

pen tool, everything outside gets cut off

What are transfer modes

different ways to blend with layers beneath it

Bring up transfer modes


Show through anything that's white


Show through anything that's black


What does Trkmat do

it allows you to add transparency to a layer that doesn't already have a transparent track

want trkmat overlay to be better

go to effects-color correction- curves

Replace something in the timeline

select a layer in the timeline, grab something else and hold ALT and drag on top of it.+

Alpha matte

is used for masks

Vinet, shape tool

draw shape around clip, subtract mask, mask feather, expand inward or outward

Bring up viewer or motion track for a clip

double click footage

Find motion tracking controls

go to Window-Tracker Controls

Move track point

click on inner sqaure and move around

inner track point square is

the track area to search for

Outer track point square is

the search area

Larger Search area

takes longer

For rotation tracking

put on same plane as others

analyze forward button to

process data in timeline

Track type for replacing something in footage choose

perspective corner pin

Use other point to track

drag track area to the area and then drag the point back to the position data

Have tracking edit target go to edit target and select layer then click apply


Make a comp from something in the current comp,

go to layer-precompose

Make something more realistic add a fast blur

go to effect-blur-fastblur

Create null object

go to layer-new-null object

What is a null object

used to store information

Show or hide masks

hit square with no left corner

Alt click to get more

info on property

Want a speed ramp

right click clip-time-enable time remapping

Toggle between camera tools

press c

Want a different view

click active camera change to view you want

Types of lights, spot light, point light, ambient light

points in a direction, light bulb from center, dont see and brightens everything up

Get 3d options

press a twice

Want stuff to go in and out of focus

turn depth of field on

View text animation preview

click arrow, browse presets

Create a hold keyframe

Ctrl + Alt + H

Snap to a keyframe as your scrub thorugh

hold shift

Toggle the title action safe zones


Toggle off live update

hold option as you scrub

Render other composisitons in the background

Ctrl + Enter

Graph Editor

Shift + F3

Auto bezier keyframe

Ctrl Click keyframe

Easy ease keyframes dont work well in which part of the animation

the middle

Change the anchor point of an object

double click the layer then click the drop down selection for anchor point

Edit anchor point in the comp

pan behind tool (y)

temperary tool

hold it while you use it

Specific values for position or anchor points

right click

Center a layer at 100% in the comp

Ctrl + /

Can't find bezia handle

hold G while dragging from the point

Preview only a certain window

Bottom left bottom of the layer

Fit in composition

Shift + /

Resize layer in comp

Ctrl + Alt + F

Graph editor sets

click on graph icon to the right of stopwatch

Move between keyframes

J and K

Move a range of a key frame in the graph editor

double click property and move bounding box

Convert vertex tool

Hold Alt and click on keyframe

Place a marker


Have an object rotate with a path

Ctrl + Alt + O

Paths should have close to same speed in the graph editer

select all keyframes then right click on a keyframe and click rove across time

Composition settings

Ctrl + K

Go back 10 frames

Shift + Page Up

Want clips to start at a certain point

have time marker there and press Alt + right bracket

Create an alapha channel in photoshop

Go to actions panal, click submenu and click video actions,

Reveal waveform


Set a marker

asterisk (Ctrl + 8)

Set a number marker

hold Shift + Chosen #

Move between markers

J and K

Reveal levels in audio


Sequence layers

Go to animation - key frame assistant - sequence layers

Do a slip edit

Move cursor beyond the end of the frame and drag

Speed up a clip

Right click column header and stretch

Want people to be able to read something

be able to read it twice

Want time remapping

Shift + Ctrl + T

Convert audio to keyframes

animation-keyframe assistant-convert audio to keyframes

Want audio keyframes to specify bass and treble

go to effect-audio-bass and treble

Want a mouth to move to words

go to effect - distort - cc split

Want to give an effect an expression

hold alt as you click the stop watch

Linear expression

linear( pick wip, Min, Max, action Min, action Max)

Smooth out tons of key frames

Go to window - smoother

Motion sketch using puppet tool

hold ctrl while draging a point using puppet

Deselect all


Go forward one frame

press 2

Preview from time frame

press .

Trim the endpoint or inpoint

hold alt { or }

Want an expression to be more exaggerated

type *(a number)

Free transform for a mask

Ctrl + T

Set up to export to after effects

group each layer and name it 01_copied name

Use scripts

go to edit-prefrences-general-allow scripts to wright files and restart

When you save diffrent art boards to import into after effects you should

go into each file and move a layer save it then press ctrl z and save

Scrub with music

hold Ctrl as you drag

When precomposing, you want only a certain section to be the composition size

go to a button below the viewer called region of intrest, then go to composition-crop comp to region of intrest

Hide layers after your done with them

toggle the shy button and global button

Create a draw on effect

Paint options are mode: normal Channel: alpha Duration: write on, have color white selected, go to effect controls, click paint on transparent then go to effect-channel-set matte

Reveal all paint strokes

press PP

Use Roto brush must be at full

resolution and at 100% magnification and needs to be in the layer panel

Refine the matte

go to the effect option and check it on

Make a mistake with Roto brush

do not undo it with another stroke, press ctrl z

Have roto brush propagate

go to effects contrl panel propagation- search region

Average shutter angle is

180 degrees

Using the puppet tool make sure

Mesh:show is checked

When using the puppet tool, set for how many triangles

500 on average or 1000 if fast computer

What the puppet tool expansion is used for

keeping things meshed together and finer control

Want illustrator artwork to be cleaner

right click layer, reveal layer source in project, interpret footage, more options, more accurate

Want to control in and out points of a shape

Toggle down, add, trim paths

Want to manualy change the graph motion

go to value graph

Want to use a trk matte

but the layer on top of the layer you wanna mask

When using the puppet tool get front priority by

use puppet overlap tool and select triangles

When using the puppet overlap tool how to get more triangles in the area

raise the extent option at the top

When using the puppet tool and move a pin it distorts, how to fix that

use the starch tool

Can't control with the puppet tool because object is using 2 different alphas

enclose the object in a mask and click outside the object, then switch the mask mode to off

When u want to use a track matte with a layer and then add effects

precompose the one layer and then add the track matte

When having trouble with render order

precompose with leave all atributes

Want the mini flow chart

quickly press shift

Want the project flow chart

click the icon with 3 boxes to the right of the comp window

Want an effect panel to stay

click the lock icon next to effect tab

Preserve the frame rate when nesting compositions

go into composition settings - advance - preserve frame rate

Make an expression for a atribute

hold option when you click the stopwatch

Add keyframe values to your expressions

in the code add + value

Use the pick whip tool on two attriburtes with different values

in experessions press the play icon - interpolation - 2nd one down - then imput the info in the code by replacing t values

Looping expression for going back and forth

loopOut("ping pong")

Expression for reapeat


expression for add or subtract to where u left off


Want a looping expression to only effect a certain range of keyframes

add a , loopOut("pingpong",1) the end shows include how many keyframes going back from the last keyframe

Want user interface tools for an expression

go to effect-expresion controls-?

you can use a _______ as a main controler for different layers with expressions

Null object

Connect sound to expressions

you need to convert the audio into key frames by going to animation-key frame assistance-convert audio to keyframes

Scroll throught pen tools

press g

Edit stroke or fill in a shape layer

double click the stroke or shape

Change the speed of a clip

right click source clip bar and select colmns stretch

Stretch is not working

go to effect time timewarp

Good plugins for timing

kronos 5, twixtor

Use wiggle

wiggle(# of wiggles per second, pixel area)

When animating in 3d for rotation you should animate

xyz rotation rather than orientation

Want a layer to orient to a path

Right click layer Transform auto orient....

When creating a camera for motion graphics go for ___mm

24 or 28

Keep the size of the layers when creating a camera for mm


Keep the point of intrest the same

hold ctrl as you move the position of the camera

When using a null object to pair a camera

have the nulls position at the point of intrest or go to layer-camera-create orbit null and turn 3d on for the null

If a layer looks skewed from an angle

select all layers then go to layer-transform-auto orient

Want something to always be in focus

select layer, shift click camera, layer-camera-link focus distance to layer

Create a light


axis modes are

to the right of the pin with a 3d light

Change the color of a solid

Go to layer-solid settings

Find all missing files in project panel

go to the search bar and type missing

Preview blending modes

Hold Shift-+

Change the color of an illustrator file

go to effects generate fill or search fill

What folders do you want to create to organize

compositions, graphics, footage,

Clip a footage

hold Alt and a bracket

What is collapse transformations

its the continuously rasterized button for a comp

How to make a motion path using a mask

cut mask two and paste it on the position property

When using the puppet tool you want to

scale it first and position it

Two other ways to create a circle

use a mask on a solid, or generate a circle on a solid

When you want to add follow through to an animation

take last value /2 and make it the opposite like - to +

having problems with curving motion when you dont want it in 3d

select keyframes, animation, keyframe interpolation and change spatial to linear

Color correct using math

take color the object is minus the color values you want it to be and go to the effect levels indivdual

Good standard audio levels are

between -12 and -9

Preview audio

press .

Force something to have motion blur

search force motion blur in effects panal

for h.264 rendering

profile: high level: 5.1 vbr target5 max10

Want render to go faster without previewing

press caps lock

Rule of thirds

Things that are important compositional elements should be placed along these lines or intersections

Composition principles

balance, contrast, proximity, rhythm, emphasis, movement, variety, unity

Want something in the project panal to be moved to the top of the list

put a * at the beginning

When rendering a vbr whats target and max bitrate

5 and 10

The minimum time for a transition is

a half of a second or half of a frame

Double check check list

motion blur, anything too fast or slow, opacity not 0, check spelling, check audio levels