Chapter 8 General Knowledge

Q1, Which town was the 1st Aus ski club formed and in what year?

Kiandra NSW, 1861

Q2, The APSI was formerly known as which association and in what year was it founded?

August 1974 ASIA (Aus Ski Instructors Association)

Q3, What year was the first illustrated ski manual published?


Q4, What year were the alpine events included in the Olympics?


Q5, Where and when was the first interski held?

Sesto, Italy 1983

Q6, In which years did the following disciplines join the APSI:SnowboardTelemarkNordic


Q1, What is the most versatile ski for a guest and instructor to use?

All-mountain ski 78-95mm underfoot

Q2, What might an instructor need to be aware of when demonstrating on twin tips?

Guests may notice differences in demonstration because the skis may be center mounted

Q3, What are some reasons for tuning your skis?

Enhances performance, easier carving, helps gliding on flat trails, extend the skis life, a sharper tool is a safer tool.

Q4, What does a good alignment system include?

The gap between the skiers leg and the plastic shell should be similar on either side of the leg with the buckles done up without the liner in the shell.

Q5, What is the responsibility of the instructor if you notice your guest has an alignment issue?

It is the instructors responsibility to identify any alignment issues and recommend a reputable boot fitter to check alignment and any other boot issues.

Q1, Which factors of the Aus alpine climate should we be careful about?


Q2, What types of avalanche can occur in the Aus alpine environment and briefly describe each?

Loose snow: typically start at one point and grow in size as they descendSlab avalanche: identified by a well-defined fracture line where the moving mass of snow breaks away from the rest of the snow pack

Q3, Explain the environment philosophy of the "leave no trace" code?

Minimising the impact on the environment by taking rubbish with us and recycling rubbish

Q4, Vegetation in the alpine region can be grouped in which 3 zones?

Alpine, sub-alpine and mountain forests

Q5, Whats the best time of year to look at wild flowers?

Late December

Q6, Explain a fast surface search?

A quick search of the surface area for partially buried victims