Vocabulary Chapter 1 (Honors English)

Detriment (Brandi's face tattoo may be a detriment when she goes for a job interview.)


Dexterous (The juggler was so dexterous that he managed to keep five balls in motion at once.)


Discretion (Alex wasn't using much discretion when he passed a police car at eighty miles an hour.)

Good sense

Facetious (For Father's Day, Mia bought her dad a t-shirt with a facetious slogan: "My favorite child gave me this shirt.")

(adj.) humorous, not meant seriously

Gregarious (Mia is such an extrovert, that even when she is supposed to be studying alone, she must have friends by her side in order to communicate regarding the work.)


Optimum (The road was so icy that the optimum driving speed was only about 10 miles an hour.)


Ostentatious ( My aunt is very ostentatious, for she likes to show off the new jewelry she purchased.)


Scrupulous ( The judge was scrupulous about never accepting a bribe or allowing a personal threat to influence his decisions.)


sensory(Because our sensory experiences are interrelated, what we taste is greatly influenced by what we smell.)

Of the senses

Vicarious (I don't like to take risks myself, but I love the vicarious thrill of watching death-defying adventures in a movie.)