Pre-1200 AP World

c. 8000 BCE

Beginnings of agriculture

By 400 BCE

Upanishads compiled as philosophical expression of Hinduism

566-486 BCE

Buddha in India

6th-5th C BCE

Life of Confucius and Laozi (Confucianism/Daoism begin)

32 CE

Beginnings of Christianity

312 CE

Emperor Constantine converts to Christianity

380 CE

Christianity becomes state Religion of Roman Empire

4th C

Beginning of Trans-Saharan Trade Routes

622 CE

Founding of Islam

c. 730

Printing invented in China

750-990 CE

Flourishing of Abbasid Caliphate

c. 900 CE

Decline of classical Maya

960-1279 CE

Song Dynasty in China

1054 CE

Great Schism in Christian Church (Roman Catholic & Eastern Orthodox)

1095-c 1300 CE

Euro Christian Crusades to Holy Land