TOS Unit 2


Commonly known as tipping for local guides/tour leader.

Optional tours

Usually offered as add-ons tour activities during extra free time on the packaged tour.

Travel Insurance

Insurance covering medical expenses; trip cancellation, lost luggage, etc.

Visa fee

Application charge for entry (document) to a country prior the trip.


The action/practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer.

Examples of cross-selling in travel agencies setting

Provide/offervisa application assistance to customers.

Considerations for Insurance premium payable

[1] Destination; [2] Duration of trip; [3] Insurance coverage; [4] Individual/family plan; [5] Single trip/annual plan.

Considerations for insurance coverage

[1] Medical & travel benefits; [2] Personal accident benefits; [3] Travel Inconvenience benefits; [4] Supplementary benefits

Considerations for levels of compensation

[1] Classic category/low cost range; [2] Superior category(mid-range); [3] Premier category(expensive range).

Items for computing a tour quotation

[1] Tour itinerary; [2] Tour Price; [3] Payment schedule; [4] Booking terms & conditions

Items to consider when computing a package tour charges

[1] Departure dates; [2] Room type; [3] No. of people in the room; [4] Any children travelling?; [5] Any conversion of foreign currency? [6] Any taxes / peak season charges / hotel extension?

Room type: Single

One person occupying a room

Room type: Twin-sharing

Two persons occupying a room with 2 single beds / twin-beds

Room type: Triple-sharing

Three persons occupying a room with either: (1) 1 double bed + 1 single bed or (2) 2 single beds + rollaway/sofa bed

Room type: Double-sharing

Two persons occupying a room with either a king sze bed or queen size bed

Child Twin

A child sharing room with only 1 adult.

Child with bed

A child sharing room with 2 adults + 1 extra bed.

Child no bed (child without bed)

A child sharing room and bedding with 2 adults

Things need to take note when computing cruise package

[1] Type of cabin; [2] No. of passengers; [3] Deck Level; [4] Departure date; [4] Type of cruise; [5] Extra charge; [6] Date of reservation

Payment schedule

Refer to deposit, full and/or balance of payments.

Things need to highlight under Booking terms and conditions

[1] Deposit & full payment; [2] Amendment by customers; [3] Cancellation; [4] Refund; [5] Special requests.


A bill or tab that is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, relating to a sale transaction (include products, quantities and agreed prices)