RealizeIt Quiz 1 - Screening: D0190, Panoramic: D0330

What will be the first appointment for a new patient to the Western U CDM clinic, assuming they are not having a dental emergency?

Screening appointment

Match the components of the comprehensive oral evaluation with the type of data collected

-Clinical photograph, esthetic assessment-alginate impressions, facebow, CR record, diagnositc mounted casts -Dentition evaluation, odontogram-Head and Neck Exam, Soft tissue abnormalities- Periodontal exam, Periodontal chart

The goal of the radiographic and clinical screening is to input the Diagnoses into the Screening Form


Put the following steps in the diagnosis and treatment planning process in the proper order:

1. Patient examination2.diagnosis3. development of optimal treatment plan and options4. obtaining informed consent

What are the appropriate planned codes for a Screening of a patient and a Panoramic Image

Screening: D0190Panoramic Image: D0330

Match if the following patients would be deemed " Acceptable" and suitable for treatment by dental at the Dental Center:

Acceptable: 1. "I know I need work but I'm a bit financially chanllenged. I do want to put dental work first though"2. "I would like to bleach and have an aesthetic smile. I'm not sure if I like my smile that much so I tend not to smile with my ....."Unacceptable: 1. I need new dentures as my past two do not fit me, especially the one made a few months ago. 2. I just need gum treatments and no other work. I know what's best3. I work 7 days a week but I'm sure I can squeeze some time in here and there. As long as I can reschedule dental ...." 4. I had congestive heart disease 5 years ago, suffer from high blood pressure, and severe COPD with an oxygen ....

Which of the following best describes the purpose of the screening appointment?

To determine if the patient is a good fit for our clinic and vice versa.

Which of the following is not considered by the student and faculty during the screening appointment?

Whether the patient's oral hygiene is good enough to begin treatment.

Taking a medical history is part of the screening exam


Please correctly order the steps in a Dental Screening at the Dental Center for a new patient

Seat pt and collect CC/DHx; screening medical hx form and vitalsCheckpt 1 - start checkOral exam including EO/IO/Cancer screening and input planned screening and panoramicCheckpt 2 - ConfirmEO/IO findings and approved planned codesPerform screening that includes oral exam/periodontal probing completion of...Checkpt 3 - confirm screening findingsaccept/denyCheckpt 4 - axium approvalsPt accepted - plan COE and appt request; [t not accepted - referral and dismiss pt