Mastery. Accomplishment. Action. Face your fears and desires. Build new grounds for the future. Time to integrate. Creating self confidence.

8 of Cups

Disappointing situation. Dissatisfied. Introspection. Searching for a deeper purpose. Feelings have changed and want a change. Walking away from drama, chaos and wanting a new start. May want to free yourself. Seeking independence. Turning away from a situation that's bad for you. Self-discovery. Possible change of residence or travel.

8 of Wands

Communication. Things are now working in your favor. Expect rapid movement & change. The card of messenger. Travel. Relocation. You may receive good news or new opportunity. In love, new passionate relationship or improvement of one you're already in. Pick up the pace don't be afraid. Rapid action.

8 of Pentacles

Hard work. Working on your self, relationship, career. Hustling. the need to further ones studies. Attention on career. Perfecting your craft. Mastering skills. Apprenticeship. Day by day getting better at skills. Enthusiasm & education will get you noticed. A new path of spiritual learning. In love, couple enters new phase in their life. (In love- mismatch responsibility)

8 of Swords

Feeling trapped (mind) Confusion. Feelings brought on by own mistakes. Anxiety. Fear. Not having an escape. Can't move. Self-imposed limitations. Refuse to see truth in matter. Uncertainty. Fear of the unknown. Bondage is loose. Being bound by own circumstances.

Eight Personality

Dealing with KARMA from past lives and possibly working to fix the Karma of the planet. These individuals are usually working as some type of agricultural worker or farmer. They may feel a pull to work directly with earth. Their life purpose is to discover abundance in all things.Meaning: Positive work from past effort is bringing in financial abundance. Unexpected rewards.