the secret river exam preparation

pg. 107 - Blackwood (colonisation)

Give a little, take a little, that's the only way... Otherwise your as dead as a flea

pg. 4 - Thornhill (place and belonging)

Nothing more than a flea on the side of some enormous quiet creature

pg. 106 - Thornhill (poverty)

It was a piercing hunger in his guts: to own it. To say mine, in a way he had never been able to say mine of anything at all

pg. 298 - Smasher (discrimination and conflict)

Sterminate them...No one going to come straight out and say it but ain't it the only way

pg. 161 - Sal (place and belonging)

It'll do us till we go

pg. 93 - Thornhill (colonisation)

There were no signs that the blacks felt the place belonged to them. They had no fences that said this is mine

introduction starter

'The Secret River' by Kate Grenville, is a highly controversial story sharing the history of the colonisation of Australia. The purpose of the novel was to set light to the unimaginable meeting between cultures, as the British swept the near extinction of Indigenous Australians under the rug as they set foot in Sydney.


placing two or more things side by side to compare similarities and differences

key themes of the novel

poverty, place and belonging

Terra Nullius

no man's land