1) chain of production


the provision of goods and services to satisfy needs and wants

needs definition and 5 ex.

things human beings require for survival.‣water‣clothes‣food‣shelter

wants definition and 5 ex.

things people would like to have to make life more pleasant.‣television‣car‣electronic devices‣hairdressing‣transportation

direct production

person provides all his needs by own efforts

indirect production

person concentrates on one occupation and produces surplus

primary production definition. define types, give 3 ex each

extracting natural resources from earth‣exhaustive industries take resources that cant be renewed (mining quarrying drilling)‣non exhaustive industries take resources that are renewed (forestry farming fishing)

secondary production definition. define types, give 3-4 ex. each

changing raw materials to finished goods by manufacturing.‣manufacturing-making goods using machinery in factories(steel making, car, clothing, furniture)‣construction- building or assembling manufactured parts into final product(house building, boat building, dock/ harbour construction, Road making)‣processing-raw materials changed to semi manufactured goods(food, fish, oil refining)

tertiary production definition and types. define types.

provision of services‣direct services- services given directly to receiver ‣indirect services- distribute raw materials from primary sector and goods from secondary sector and make available for those who want

4 direct service industries

healthentertainmentsafetylegal and financial

producers and consumers

‣producers provide goods and services for consumers‣consumers are final users of goods and buy goods and services to satisfy needs and wants

define chain of production

various stages through which production passes


when countries become dependent on one another