AP Gov Reading and Vocabulary Quiz: Section 1.1-1.2


the process of influencing the actions and policies of government/how we choose our leaders and the policies they end up creating


the rules and institutions that make up that system of policymaking


a system of government where power is held by the people

natural rights

the right to life, liberty, and property, which government cannot take away

social contract

people allow their governments to rule over them to ensure an orderly and functioning society

popular sovereignty

the idea that the government's right to rule comes from the people


a system in which the government's authority comes from the people through their representatives

inalienable rights

rights the government cannot take away


social, political, and economic freedoms

collective goods

services that cannot be denied to anyone

political participation

how citizens participate in government to influence the outcome of politics

single-issue group

people who are focused on one political issue they want to see advanced in government

political issue

a disagreement on how to fix a problem

public policy

a government decision aimed at solving a political issue

policymaking system

how the people influence the creation of policies that affect them

policy agenda

the issues the government decides are important enough to be solved

policymaking institution

government institutions that make public policies