Health 9th 1.1

Pineal Gland

Primary Hormone: melatonin; Hormone functions: Regulates sleep and produces melatonin

Pituitary gland

Primary Hormone: growth hormone; Hormone Functions: The "master gland" regulates over glands

Thyroid gland

Primary Hormone: thyroxine, calcitonin; Hormone Functions: that regulate metabolism, body heat, and bone growth

Adrenal glands

Primary Hormone: adrenaline; Hormone Functions: Regulates stress, adrenaline

Islets of Langerhans

Primary Hormone: insulin, glucagon; Hormone Functions: regulates blood sugar


female egg and male sperm unite to form a fertilized egg cell


What has to be implanted in the uterus for ut to become an embryo?


clusters of cells


What takes 9 weeks to become a fetus?


an offspring in prenatal stage of development


What is from now until the time of birth?

Physical- volleyball and basketball mental/emotional- saladspiritual- churchsocial- FaceTiming with my friends

Examples of the four categories of health.

Physical, mental and emotional, spiritual, and social

What are the four categories of health?