Ch.16 -"Nail tips & Wraps" Exam

Partial well, full well, well less

Which of the following is a type of nail tip?

Abs plastic

Nail tips are premolded nails made from

Add extra length & serve as support for nail enhancement products

Nail tips are used to

Tip cutter

An _ is similar to a nail clipper but is designed especially for use on nail tips


Many nail tips have a shallow depression called a __ that serves as the point of contact with the nail plate

Exactly cover the nailplate from sidewall to sidewall

When fitting tips to your client, the tips you chose must

Require less filing on the natural nail after application

Nail tips that are pre-beveled:

Nail tip adhesive

the bonding agent used to secure the nail tip to the natural nail is called

In a tube with a pointed applicator tip, as aone-drop applicator, as a brush on

Nail adhesives are commonly available :

Away from your face & the client

When opening an adhesive container, its recommended that you point the opening :

Made from cyanoacrylate, used to coat & secure fabric wraps to the natural nail & nail tip, commonly used with overlays

Nail wrap resin is

Fabric wrap

The most popular type of nail wrap is the:


Fabric wraps are commonly available in all but which of the following forms?

Lightweight with a smooth appearance

A silk wrap is

It becomes transparent

What happens when wrap resin is applied to a silk wrap?


What is considered to be the strongest wrap fabric?

Not as strong as linen or silk

Fiberglass is:

Every time your client comes in for a maintenance

Paper wraps must be replaced:

2 minutes

Activator dissipates about __ after being applied


Wrap resin activator is also commonly known as wrap resin:

Have a skin sensitivity or allergy

Clients who __are most likely prefer a dip powder and adhesive enhancement

2 weeks

Nail wraps generally require their first maintenance service after about:


The portion of the maintenance service that involves applying enhancement product onto the new growth of nail is known as a(n):

Stress strip

A __ is a small strip of fabric applied to the weak point of the nail during the 4-week fabric wrap maintenance service to repair or strengthen a weak point in the enhancement


Nail wraps are removed by immersing the entire enhancement into a small glass bowl filled with:

20 minutes

It is recommended that you make sure that your disinfection container is filled with clean disinfectant solution at least __ before your first service of the day

To the left on the manicure table

If a nail technician is left-handed, it is recommended that when setting up her workstation for a nail wrap service she place the disinfectant container:

In the middle of the manicure table

If a nail technician is right handed it is recommended that when setting up her workstation for a nail wrap service she place the finger bowl:

To deposit used materials

When setting up your manicure table tor a nail wrap service, it is recommended that you tape or clip a plastic bag to the side of the table for what purpose?

after seating the client at the manicure table

A nail technician performs the client consultation:

Service information, her observations about the service, her product recommendations to the client

When filling out the client service form, a nail technician should record:

The little finger on the clients left hand

When performing a nail tip application,it is recommended that you begin with:

Clean the nail again & reapply nail dehydrator

When performing a nail tip application, if you accidentally touch the freshly prepped nail it is recommended that you:

5 to 10 seconds

When applying nail tips, you must hold the tip in place for _____ until the adhesive has dried.

Medium to fine grit

It is recommended that you use a __________ file for blending after applying nail tips with a well

A pusher