Writing paraphrasing

be more beneficial thanbe more advantageous thanhas more benefits thanbe better thanbe more helpful than

더 유익하다, 더 장점이 많다 라는 nuance

broaden perspectivewiden viewpointwiden outlookwiden point of view

시야를 넓힌다 라는 nuance

variousdiversea variety of

다양한 nuance

abundanta wide range ofextensivevast

방대한 nuance


중요한 nuance

try to Vmake an effort to Vstruggle to V

노력하다,stru(어려움을 극복하려 애쓰는 느낌)

people who perceive situations differnetly people who come from various backgrounds-> become more open-minded.

배경이 다른 사람-> 그런 사람 만나면 어떻게 됨?

get advice fromreceive advice fromget someone's adviceask for advice (from)

조언을 구하다 nuance