Psychology sac

What is the brain vs heart debate?

Whether the brain or the heart is responsible for our mental processes and how we think/feel/behave

What is the mind-body problem?

Whether the mind and body are one (monism) or whether they are separate (dualism)

what is phrenology

Phrenology is the belief that there are different section on the surface of our brain that each control the different parts of our personalities and bodily functions.

What is brain ablation

Brain ablation is a scientific experiment where we disable/destroy/remove a section of the brain and see the effects it has on the person/animal to see what parts of the brain are responsible for what.

What is split brain surgery

Split brain surgery is where scientists would cut the corpus callosum which is the network of fibers that connect the left and the right hemispheres of the brain.

electrical stimulation of the brain

Stimulation or detection of electrical activity in the brain using an electrode; used to activate or inhibit neuronal function.

What is the left hemisphere responsible for

It is responsible for language & verbal functions

What is the right hemisphere responsible for

Non-verbal abilities, some language comprehension, left hand touch

What is the corpus collosum responsible for

thick band of nerves fibers that connects the two hemispheres & is responsible for communication between the two hemispheres

What are the four types of neuroimaging technology?


What are CT's

CT uses x-ray equipment to scan the brain from different angles. The pictures it produces look as though the brain has been sliced horizontally. CT's are used to look at brain structures.

What are MRI's

These use harmless magnetic fields to vibrate atoms in the brains neurons to get images that are clearer than CT images.

What are PET's

These provide images of the working brain by tracking a glucose solution containing a short-lived radioactive tracer. PET produces images with colour that can show brain activity structure and function. The different colours represent the amount of brain activity so where there is more brain activity, it will be a more red colour, and where there is less, it will be a purple (violet) colour.

What are fMRI's

Similarly to a PET, it measures brain activity, but unlike a PET it does this by measuring oxygen consumption across the brain.

What are the three main functions of the human nervous system

To receive information, to process information and to coordinate a response to information.

What two sections does the nervous system divide into

central nervous system and peripheral nervous system

What does the central nervous system divide into

The brain and the spinal cord

What does the peripheral nervous system divide into

Autonomic nervous system and Somatic nervous system

What does the automatic nervous system divide into

Sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system.

What does the CNS do?

Sends and receives information to and from the PNS

What does the PNS do?

Carries messages to and from the CNS

What is the brain responsible for

Information processing

What is the spinal cord responsible for

Connects brain and PNS

What is the autonomic nervous system responsible for

Connects CNS to internal organs and glands

What is the somatic nervous system responsible for

Carrying sensory messages from sensory receptors to the CNS, and motor messages from the CNS to skeletal muscles.

What is the sympathetic nervous system responsible for

Increases responsiveness

What is the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for

Decreases responsiveness