Nail Tech CH: 4 Communicating for Success

Effective human relations and communication skills build ______, accelerate professional growth, and help prevent misunderstanding in the workplace.

lasting client relationships

When we feel secure, we act in a _____manner.


People who create conflict most likely feel______.


A good way to handle the ups and downs of human relations is to ______.

believe in yourself

Which of the following is not one of the golden rules of human relations?

Communicate from your head and problem-solve from your heart.

Effective communication is defined as the act of _____.

Sharing information between two people or groups

When you meet a client for the first time, you need to be _____.

Genuinely friendly

When a new client visits the salon for the first, you should_____.

Take him/her on a quick tour of the facility

When should you do the client consultations?

Before the service starts

You should perform a client consultation ______.

to some degree, as part of every service

The client consultation form is also sometimes called _____.

an intake form

The client consultation from typically doesn't not ask _____.

the client's age

The client consultation form can best be described as a ______.

client questionnaire

How much time is it recommended that you set aside for the client consultation?

5-15 min.

To help your client make choices that reflect a personal sense of style, it is recommended that you ______.

research different fashion styles and determine which is best suits the client.

A person who prefers classic styling in clothing would likely want a ____ with respect to her nails, makeup, and hair.

simple and sophisticated look

Which of these steps in the consultation process involves encouraging clients to flip through your photo collections to discuss what they like and why?

Show and tell

Before the client gets to your station for the consultation you should ____.

put out a variety of pictures showing different nail shapes, length, and designs.

A primary purpose of the client consultation is to have a conversation that will clue you in on his or her needs and _____.

personal preferences

When using the 10 step consultation method, what should you do next after discussing the client's personal preferences?

Analyze the clients hands and fingertips.

During the client consultation you should _____.

discuss the client's nail history

Toward the end of the client consultation, you should counsel the client on the _____ associated with a given nail style or services as well as salon and home maintenance commitments needed ti keep their nails looking their best at all times.

lifestyle limitations

Your reaction to situation beyond you control, and your ability to _____ in the face of challenges, are critical to being successful in a people profession.


Many salons set a limited amount of time that they allow a client to be late before they require them to reschedule. What is the common time limit?

15 min.

If your tardy client arrive and you have the time to taker her without jeopardizing the clients' appointment, you should____.

Take her but let her know why in a pleasant manner.

If you are running late and you know it will cause delays for a late client, it is recommended that you _______.

have the receptionist call or text the client, explain the situation , and ask if she would like to reschedule.

If you get involved in a scheduling mix-up, you should _____.

be polite and refrain from arguing.

If a client has a problem with the service and you cannot change what she dislikes, you should____.

honestly and tactful explain why the problem cannot be fixed.

When faced with unhappy client in a situation where you are unsure of what to do, it is recommended that you call on _____ or the salon manager for suggestion.

a more experience nail tech.

Why is it best to avoid the used of slang?

The same word can have a different meaning across cultures.

Mutual respect, which transforms a good nail technician into a _____ and colleague, naturally follows.

trusted advisor

Always remember that _____ is the best relationship builder.


When interacting with your coworkers, it is recommended that you _____.

seek help from someone you respect when you are at odds with a coworker.

Regardless of whether or not you like someone, your colleague are professionals who deserve ______.

your respect

The salon manager is generally the person with the most responsibility regarding the _____.

Salon's overall operation

When interacting with the salon manage, you should _____.

be open to constructive criticism

A periodic review of an employee's behavior and activities important to the salon is called _____.

an employee evaluation

Many beauty professional do not take advantage of the crucial communication opportunity with the supervisor to discuss their ____.

future advancements

At the end of an a evaluation performance review meeting, _____.

tha the manage for the feedback and guidance

As the time for your review draws near, it is recommended that you _____.

perform a self-evaluation of your performance

A fundamental factor in human relations involves a person's sense of ______.


When you believe In yourself, you trust your judgment, _____, and stick to what you believe is right.

uphold your values.

You can communicate through words, voice inflections, ____, body language, or visual tools.

facial expressions

Clients are coming to your for services and paying for your expertise, which means you need to ____ every time they come to see you.

court them

Clients with a dramatic style generally _____.

choose nail design that demand greater attention.