Body in Motion

Define superior

toward the head

Define inferior

toward the lower end of the body the feet

Define anterior

toward the front of the body

Define posterior

Toward the back of the body (opposite of anterior)

Define medial

Toward the midline of the body

Define lateral

toward the outer sides of the body (opposite of medial)

Define proximal

towards the body's mass

Define distal

away from the body's mass

Define long bones

work in hinge arrangements with other bones

Define short bones

cube shaped

Define flat bones

broad surface and play a protective role. limited range of movement

Define irregular bones

irregular shape, do not fit into other bone classification categories

Define synovial joints and examples

freely movable joints- ball & socket, hindge joint, pivot joint, gliding, saddle, condyloid joint

define ball and socket joint

allow multiple movements in all directions- shoulder

define hinge joint

bending or extending to decrease or increase the angle between two bones at a joint- elbow, ankle

define saddle joint

side to side movement- thumb

define pivot joint

one bone to turn or pivot around another- radius & ulnar

define gliding joint

allows sliding- small bones in wrist and foot

Define condyloid joint

movement in places at right angles between each other- jaw, knee

Define flexion action

A movement that decreases the angle between the bones at the joint- flexing muscle in arm

define extension

Increasing the angle of a joint- straightening the elbow or knee

Define abduction

movement away from the midline of the body- lifting arm to the side

define adduction

movement toward the midline- lifting arm back into body