English 3 AP - Rhetorical Devices List 1

Rhetorical Triangle

Triangle that represents the three main appeals, ethos, pathos, and logos. Sometimes even two or all at the same time.


The viewers, people watching and listening to a speech or even reading a text.


The background that forms and creates a main event/situation.


Ethos is a appeal that is often used in literature that is the concept of using credibility and trustworthiness in a speech or text to make the audience feel like the speaker is someone they can trust and believe.


A appeal used by writers in their literature work to make their audience feel some kind of emotion in order for the piece to feel powerful or effective.


An appeal used in literature that involves using logic and reason to support a writer's argument/ opinion.


Proving a statement to be incorrect and not true.


A thought or feeling that comes to mind from a word.


An indirect reference of something that another person should be able to understand without being told the direct idea.


The complete opposite of somethings actual meaning.


Two ideas or concepts that have complete different meaning, being put together creating a huge contrasting effects between them.


The action of giving a non living thing like an object a human characteristic to express or describe what it looks like.