Harmony. Cooperation. Healing. Getting help from others. There's a new way to relate to the world outside of yourself.

6 of Cups

Friendship. Nostalgia. Innocence. Friendship/ Soul mate card. Friends with benefits. You may run into an old acquaintance or attend a family reunion. Remembering happy times in the past. A new sense of gratitude for childhood experience. Broken free from past experience. In love, reviving an old flame. Beginning of a relationship but not going to be long term. Staying in the moment. Relationship needs to be more playful.

6 of Wands

Victory. Being recognized for accomplishments. Career or business flourish. Success. Progression. Crossing finish line. Triumphed over issues in the past. Feeling on top of the world. Only the beginning. Continue to work on goals. In love, resolved conflict or disagreement. Partnership to take turn for better.

6 of Pentacles

Giving & Receiving. Material gain.Being in the flow of prosperity. Being balanced. Generosity. If struggling financially- will receive assistance. Possible job offer/ promotion. Time to prepare for the future. Sharing is caring. Donating. Charity. Relationship based on shared values and ideas.

6 of Swords

Release of stress after a difficult situation. Leaving a situation. Possible travel. Moving away emotionally. Still bothered. You are ready to leave a relationship that is no longer working for you. A time to quit fighting and go with the flow. Leaving a situation but still bringing baggage. Recovery. Change. Don't take burdens with you.

Six Personality

Must learn to be nurturing and have empathy for others. They are most likely wealthy or rarely suffer with money issues. However, they must be humble and proactive gratitude or they will not be happy.Meaning: Too much worry about your finances. Need to have faith in the spiritual realm.