chapter 4 milady


a fundamental factor in human relation involves a persons sense of ________

less and more

talk ____ , listen ____

Effective communication

The act of successfully sharing information between two people or groups of people so that the information is understood

client intake form

every new client should fill out a ______ ______ ____ also called a client questionnaire, consultation card, or health history form


you should give an intake form _____ to sitting the client at your station


A person may be ___________ I was having a classic style if simple and sophisticated clothing, monochromatic color, and no bright colors are preferred


A person who prefers classic styling in her clothing would want a simple, elegant, and _____________ look with respect to her nails, make up, and hair

client consultation

The communication with a client that determines the clients needs and how to achieve desired results


collected photos of a stylists work

intake and analyze

consultation method 1. review the ______ form2. _______ The clients hair


ask your client what at home products he or she is using and if the products are _________

reflective listening

Listening to the client and then repeating in your own words what you think the client is telling you


make _______________ as part of the needs assessment*lifestyle*hair type*face shape

upkeep and maintenance

discuss ______ and ___________. cancel every client on salon maintenance, lifestyle limitations and at home maintenance that here she will need to commit in order to look their best


spas are more likely to use _____ because of the amount of time the client spends on the premises in the fact that the spa patrons often have lunch during their visits

polite and argue

when you, as a professional, are involved with a scheduling mixup always remember to be ______. never _____ about who is correct


when communicating with managers do not gossip or complain about ___________