AP Art History Title, Location, and Function quiz

Apollo 11 stonesWonderwerk Cave, NambiaUnknown

two stones with half animal half human maybe

The Ambum StonePapua New GuineaMortal & Pestle/ward off danger

anteater vase looking thing

Terra Cotta FragmentSoloman IslandsServe or store food

three peices of incised vase

Anthropomorphic SteleArabian PeninsulaGrave marker

coffin with face and swords

Jade CongLiangzhu, ChinaFunerary

big stone bowl with tiny hole

Tlatiko Female FigurineCentral MexicoFound in tombs. Fertility? Religion? Shaman?

two faced chick with thick thighs

Camelid SacrumCentral MexicoMask? Fertility? Hunting?

fox-like skull with big ears

Running Horned WomanAlgeriaDiety? Size = importance. Role and importance of women

chick with big bull horns, kinda looks demonic

Beaker with Ibex MotifSusaUnknown. Funerary? Household use?

vase with goat and dogs and birds